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photo | Paige Vaughn Photography


Boat Love Proposal

In December of 2018, we went to Cabo San Lucas with Buddy’s family for a Christmas vacation. After getting a new job offer, seeing whales, reeling in a marlin, and feeding a sea lion, I really thought the trip couldn’t get any better, but little did I know, it was about to change dramatically.

We were supposed to go into town to go shopping for souvenirs but Buddy had planned a sailboat excursion for all of us, and everyone knew but me! Once we got on the boat, I had an idea that it was coming but there was one more trick up his sleeve. There had been hints throughout the weekend that something fishy was going on, so I “tested” Buddy and asked him if I could go to the bathroom below deck on the boat, so I could peek around. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Once I got back on the boat, we started out on the water. We pulled up close to Lovers Beach and the famous Cabo arch, he asked for a picture and then proposed! It was the most surreal and loving moment of my life! Then, while the boats around us were cheering and hollering, someone behind me said “Did you say yes?” and I turned around to see my PARENTS! They were down in the bottom of the boat hiding and it was the greatest surprise! Buddy had planned everything so perfectly and is the greatest fiancé of all time!