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photo | Caitlin Rose Photography


Jim and Pam Love Story

We met through work, so we returned to the old office for a true Office-­style proposal! Since neither of us work with that employer anymore, Kevin had to get creative to jump through the extensive approval process for access to the building. Luckily, he’s extremely persistent and we managed to sneak in after hours for a quick proposal!

From Joy’s perspective, she had no idea the proposal was going to happen. Nothing eventful normally happens on Tuesday nights! Joy believed Kevin’s story of a work cocktail event, and was completely gullible when he told her to park at the old office, so they could drive together. It was only when Kevin suggested they go inside to “see the old office” that she got a little suspicious!

Kevin walked Joy through a history of important moments in their relationship before dropping to one knee to ask her to marry him. Friends photographed the proposal and enjoyed a giant bottle of Veuve Cliquot to celebrate!