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photo | Grant Daniels Photography


Along came April 1, 2017. Mike organized a “getaway weekend” for his friends in Canyon Lake, Texas. He rented a gorgeous house in the middle of the hill country, the perfect house for a party. Emily was under the impression that it really was just a getaway weekend with friends and the activities consisted of dancing in Gruene Hall and wine tasting at a local vineyard, but Mike had other plans – much bigger (and better) plans. While the girls went shopping all day on Saturday, the boys hung out and played corn hole. Everyone was having a much-needed weekend of rest. When Emily met Mike back at the house, he said that on their way to dinner, they were going to stop and say hi to some of their good friends. Emily was so excited! She changed and got ready for the vineyard, and Mike and Emily were off. The others were not far behind them… at least that’s what Emily thought. Little did she know, their friends never even left the house. In the car, Mike was so nervous that he thought he was going to throw up! Emily could sense that he was acting strange, but that was not really surprising for Mike. Mike pulled into a park, and Emily suddenly got very quiet as she realized what was potentially about to happen. She thought to herself “Is this it? Is this where it’s going to happen? Are we going to get engaged here?” Mike parked the car and asked Emily, “Do you want to go look at that gazebo?” Emily nervously laughed – Mike so nervous he couldn’t even figure out how to get them to the gazebo other than to ask if Emily wanted to look at it – and they began walking over to it. The next 30 seconds were a whirlwind of emotions as Mike began talking about the rest of their lives and FINALLY asked Emily to marry him! She said yes, so overwhelmed with emotion that she hardly remembered anything Mike said that whole time. They celebrated together before heading back to the house.

Mike and Emily went back to the house to be greeted by all of their closest friends and families who traveled from across Texas and beyond to celebrate – San Antonio, College Station, Houston, and even Nashville! There was no better way to kick off Mike and Emily’s engagement; family and friends are the most important parts of their lives, and they are forever thankful for the sacrifices that were made to be a part of their engagement day.