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photo | Maddie Pierantoni


College Graduation Proposal

When I woke up on the morning of May 17th, 2019, I woke up excited to graduate from Texas State University. I was receiving my Bachelors degree in Applied Sociology and was ready to take on the world. That morning Taylor and I headed to his parents place to drop off a few things before the ceremony. Upon arrival my fiancé’s mom excitedly asked, “Are you excited for today, how do you feel?!” It makes so much sense now why she was so eager. I responded back that I was nervous to walk the stage and was quite ready to be done with school. Me, the model, nervous to walk across a stage.

On the drive to San Marcos, Taylor played a playlist that he created for me on his laptop. After we arrived on campus Taylor and I said our goodbyes and separated. As the students prepared to line up, Taylor greeted me in the hallway to tell me to meet him by the big tree down the hill when I finished.

When the ceremony finished I walked out of the stadium and was greeted by my entire work family. We took time to talk and take pictures. Taylor being the strategic planner he is kept trying to get me down the hill. I did not understand at the time why we couldn’t just gather where we were. Turns out he had all of my family waiting there for me. When he finally got me down the hill we continued taking pictures. While taking photos together Taylor asked multiple times, “Do you love me?” After the second time I responded, “Yes, of course why do you keep asking me that?” Sassy, I know. At this moment Taylor got on one knee with the sweetest smile a girl could ever know. I was in such complete shock that he was getting his suit dirty that it took me a moment to register what was happening. My stomach filled with butterflies as I listened to him propose. It was as if he couldn’t ask the question quick enough! I said, “Yes!” and was so happy to know that I was going to marry my best friend.