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Seasonal Blooms: The Best Wedding Flowers for Every Season of the Year

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Ever wonder which flowers are in season in spring? Fall? Whatever season you’re getting married in, it’s helpful to know exactly which blooms are available at that time. We’ve seen time and time again when a couple has their hearts set on peonies, but their wedding date is in the fall when these special stems aren’t available. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite seasonal flowers and polled some of our favorite local wedding florists on what other flowers and colors would best complement these seasonal blooms. Read on!

seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Wildly Cultivated

What other flowers do foxgloves pair well with?

Foxgloves pair well with other spring blooms like sweet peas, garden roses, clematis and ranunculus and are an especially beautiful addition to garden-inspired arrangements.

What do you love about this bloom?

They are a favorite flower of mine because they always remind me of the European countryside and traditional cottage gardens. I also love to use them to bring height and movement to arrangements as the stems have a natural habit of dipping and bending. 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Foxgloves are at their peak from March to June.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Ivory, peach, light pink, lavender and magenta.

Photo: Elle Reaux Photography // Also pictured: Scavenged Vintage Rentals, The Barn at Swallows Eve


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Bouquets of Austin

What other flowers do peonies pair well with?

Considered a mass flower in design due to their round, full petals, peonies pair well with other blooms similar in shape such as roses, garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias and ranunculus.

What do you love about this bloom?

This is hands down one of our favorite blooms to incorporate into weddings due to its size, color range and fragrance. The peony is a showy bloom with multilayers of petals and can stand as a show-stopping element on its own. A bouquet designed using only one type of peony creates an understated elegance, while a room full of them will literally take your breath away with their beauty and fragrance.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Peonies are predominantly available in May and June but they do have a later fall season in November and December.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Peony color schemes consist of whites, blushes and shades of pinks which are truly a fan favorite amongst our classic, timeless brides. With that said, peonies can also feature a wide range of fun and unique colors like corals, burgundies and reds which make it a must have for our trendsetting brides!

Photo: Kelli Durham // Also pictured: Pearl Events Austin


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Malleret Designs

What other flowers do ranunculus pair well with?

This beautiful centerpiece with light pink ranunculus can be paired with peonies, spray roses, sweet peas, Queen Anne’s lace, eucalyptus and Italian ruscus.

What do you love about this bloom?

This is a beautiful delicate and elegant flower that adds a great texture and interest in any design. Super romantic for wedding bouquets and one of my favorites for groom boutonnieres.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

March is prime time!

What colors does this bloom come in?

There are so many colors and varieties, butterfly ranunculus, Clooney ranunculus. All colors from blush to bolds.

Photo: Honey Gem Creative // Also pictured: Hotel Ella, LoLa Beauty, Second Summer Bride


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Lavender & Lily

What other flowers does scabiosa well with?

I love to pair the flower with anemones, dahlias, roses or lisianthus for a romantic garden look. Other times, I’ll use the pods to bring in a fun textural element to my designs, like in this boho-inspired shoot.

What do you love about this bloom?

It’s so versatile! You can use the flower and the pod in wedding designs and get completely different looks. It’s also pretty hardy and long-lasting which allows them to hold up well in items like boutonnieres and flower crowns.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

It’s available year-round, but it usually looks the best in late spring and early summer. Scabiosa can be grown in central Texas, and I love getting it from local farms around this time.

What colors does this bloom come in?

White, pink, lavender, blue, maroon and dark purple, as well as light brown for the pods.

Photo: Nicole Ryan Photography // Also pictured: Party at the Moontower Rentals, Camino Real Ranch


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Flora Fetish

What other flowers does lisianthus well with?

They pair well with just about anything but definitely other soft fluffy textures like roses, spray roses and ranunculus, but as you can see from this bouquet, it goes with edgier, pointier textures like dahlias and proteas too. 

What do you love about this bloom?

We love that they come in so many textures, sizes and colors and so they are very versatile to work with. They come in single and double blooms and their ruffled edges are such a beautiful addition to almost any arrangement!

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Lisianthus are available year-round but early summer they are grown locally and they are GORGEOUS! 

What colors does this bloom come in?

They come in pretty much every color but blue!

Photo: April Mae Creative // Also pictured: Tracy Collins Events


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Whim Hospitality

What other flowers do dahlias pair well with?

Just as in the culinary world, dahlias pair with other flowers they love to grow next to! This includes Japanese Anemones, cosmos and zinnias to name a few.

What do you love about this bloom?

We love how full the blooms are, and how hearty their stems can be. It makes for a wide range of uses — everything from bridal bouquets to large installations. Like fingerprints, no two dahlias will ever look alike when they fully bloom.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

August is the month for dahlias. This is a florist favorite for its many shades and it is a flower variety that can be used in almost any style. Our favorite dahlia to use during August is named “Rock Run Ashley.”  It is the perfect blend of peach, pink and coral tones.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Being such a summertime bloom, dahlias come in all the colors you would expect from these warm months. Reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and different shades of purple is what you will find when you work with dahlias.

Photo: Jen Dillender // Also pictured: Camp Lucy


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season

FALL FAVES: Amaranthus

The Bloom Bar

What other flowers does amaranthus pair well with?

I love contrasting ruffled blooms like roses with the funky amaranthus to make it different. It also has a boho vibe that I think pairs well with palms and pampas. 

What do you love about this bloom?

Amaranthus is such a beautiful finishing touch on a bouquet that cascades beautifully and adds a cool texture. 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

It is at its best in summer to fall, but most wholesalers carry it year-round. 

What colors does this bloom come in?

Rust (my personal favorite!), wine and green.

Photo: Shannon Vandivier // Also pictured: Hotel Ella, Ashley Nicole Affair


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Reiley + Rose

What other flowers do zinnias pair well with?

The bold face and numerous petals of a zinnia help it pair well with so many florals. We have used it in more elegant settings such as weddings paired with beautiful garden roses and peonies, as well as for fun birthday events paired with fun colors and textured florals like crespidia, cockcomb and celosia! 

Why do you love this bloom?

SO many reasons – I love the fact that it is a great Texas-cut flower. Even right now in the heat of summer, zinnias are blooming so beautifully. They can withstand heat well, which in Texas is always so important. I love and find myself always attracted to florals with high petal counts. Adding in the button center brings a more fun and whimsical look to the flower. I also love all the many colors and shades it comes it! 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Here in Texas, we typically can find them from April to late October/early November.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Red, yellow, orange, coral, peach, multiple shades of pink from blush to hot pink and fuchsia.

Photo: Lauren Parr Photography // Also pictured: Beauty Concepts, Moonlight and Moss, Kosciusko Hall, Joyous 442


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Melony Rodwell

What other flowers do garden roses pair well with?

Garden roses add a classic and romantic feel that pairs beautifully with many other flowers and foliages. From traditional stems such as tulips, ranunculus and peonies to more trendy blooms such as protea or even succulents, you really can’t go wrong with adding garden roses to the mix. 

What do you love about this bloom?

We are continuously swept off our feet by the beauty and character of garden roses. Their large cup-shaped blooms have a high petal count offering a fluffy texture, a lush and romantic feel, and they smell amazing! 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Luckily these beauties are available year-round, making them a great alternative to peonies during their off season.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Another big advantage of choosing garden roses is the abundance of color varieties available: pinks, whites, reds, wine tones, coral, peach, oranges and yellows to name a few.

Photo: Diana M. Lott Photography // Also pictured: Denise Vasquez Makeup, Schoenstatt Movement of Austin, The Whitt Experience


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Bella by Sara

What other flowers does sweet pea pair well with?

I love adding sweet peas into bouquets with delphinium, lisianthus and astilbe for a soft, delicate natural-look style centerpiece. It definitely adds texture and an organic feel to the overall design. They look spectacular together.

What do you love about this bloom?

Sweet peas are beautiful ruffled flowers. I am definitely in love with their delicate flowers, scents, pastel shades, fragrance and overall cottage garden style and romanticism. Plus, they flower profusely, making it easy to create a gorgeous floral bouquet design.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Sweet peas can be found late spring and throughout the fall months. This annual prefers cool weather, making it ideal for the fall, winter and early spring in warm climates.

What colors does this bloom come in?

They are available in several colors, including white, blue, purple, red and pink. Some sweet peas even feature beautiful bi-colored flowers. While some varieties only give off a subtle scent, most boast a full-bodied, sweet and sensuous perfume that is difficult to duplicate.

Photo: Joslyn Holtfort Photography

Now that you’re more in-the-know on what blooms are right for your wedding season, take a look at our full list of Austin wedding florists to find the right fit for your celebration!

Find the Best Wedding Makeup for Your Undertone

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The world of makeup can be so daunting, and whether or not it’s a part of your everyday routine, most brides opt for wedding makeup, either done by themselves or by a wedding beauty professional. But if you don’t already eat, sleep and breathe makeup, where do you even begin? We asked some of the best in the business about an important first step in makeup, which is finding your undertone! Read on as five Austin wedding beauty experts give us the ins and outs of what makeup is the perfect pairing for your skin tone – especially on your wedding day.

wedding makeup

wedding makeup


with Sunny Hair and Makeup

What hues perfectly complement this skin tone?

This beautiful bride has more of a yellow undertone. If you’re wanting to stay with a very natural look, colors that go with that skin tone are ‘warmer’ colors. Think of the sun or fire—colors with yellow, orange and bronze tones. There are so many great palettes that have these colors. We love Buxom Cosmetics “May Contain Nudity” and Anastasia Beverly Hills “Soft Glam” palette. It’s a good idea to use a more peachy blush to complement those warm colors. Some great ones are “Peachy Keen” by MAC Cosmetics, “Peachy” by Limelife by Alcone and “Georgia Peach” by Benefit Cosmetics.

What products would you recommend to recreate this look?

The products we used for this look are:

Eyes: Buxom Cosmetics “May Contain Nudity” 

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills brow palette in the color “Taupe”

Cheeks: Limelife by Alcone “Peachy”

Lips: KKW beauty lip liner in “Nude 1” and lipstick in “Nude 1.5”

What are some tips for finding your undertone?

Some tips for finding your undertone: Look at your whole body, especially your neck and chest, not just your face. Many times our face can have redness in it that is not really your undertone. Look at yourself facing natural light—indoor, facing a window. Looking at your whole body, do you feel like you have, in general, more pink or more yellow in your skin? If you have pink, you have cool undertones. If you are more yellow, you have warm undertones. Do you tan easily? Do you burn and then tan? Many times if you burn first, you have more of a ‘cool’ undertone (think pink). Note: This does not necessarily apply if you are just extremely fair.

Photo: Simon Ly Photography // Also Pictured: The West Studios, Vivienne Atelier Bridal


wedding makeup

wedding makeup


with Level 12 Salon

What hues perfectly complement this skin tone?

Our bride’s skin tone has both pink and yellow undertones. The first step, before concealer or foundation, is to moisturize and prime the skin, which is the most important step! I used two concealer tones — yellow under the eyes and the T-zone area. I used a pink tone on other areas including the neck, then followed with a light blend of foundation to seal and blend the concealer. The contour brush I used had a combination of pink and peach tones. The pink one is a powder, and the peach tone is a cream. I personally like the cream contours and blushes because they hydrate the skin.

What products would you recommend to recreate this look?

The products I use are from Branded J and can be found at Level 12 Salon.

What are some tips for matching your undertone?

The best tip I can give you in choosing the right undertones is as follows. During the spring and summertime, if you are out in the sun, most people have warmer (yellow) tones. In the fall and winter months, we are less tan and can use a little pink in our skin. Most cosmetic lines offer pink and yellow tones. I personally look at the skin tone on the neck and forehead to determine my blending tones. In most cases, I blend both pink and yellow tones to achieve the best blend.

Photo: Joslyn Holtfort Photography // Also Pictured: Altstadt Brewery, Blush Bridal Lounge, Nicole Mera


wedding makeup

wedding makeup

Warm Beige

with Think Brink Beauty

What hues perfectly complement this skin tone? 

Our bride Laura has a neutral skin tone. Colors that fall in the middle of the color spectrum like dusty or soft pinks and rosy colors perfectly complement this skin tone, and that’s what we used to create this classic bridal look!

What products would you recommend to recreate this look?

You can recreate this look at home with the NARS Exposed cheek palette and the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Matte in shade 401 Burnt Raisin.

What are some tips for finding your undertone?

Determining if you have a warm, cool or neutral undertone can be the key to creating your perfect bridal makeup look! Cool-toned skin usually has a pink, red or blue hue and warm skin tends to look more golden, yellow or peachy. Neutral skin is a balance of both! You can figure out if you have a warm or cool undertone by looking at your veins in your wrist! If your veins look blue, you most likely have a cool undertone. If they look greenish, you probably have a warm undertone. If you’re having trouble deciding if they look more blue or green then it’s possible that you have a neutral skin tone. Another trick is to look at your favorite jewelry! If gold jewelry looks best on you, your skin probably has warm undertones. If silver jewelry complements you best, you probably have a cool undertone. Like to mix and match between gold and silver depending on your outfit? You likely have a neutral undertone!

Photo: Patti Darby Photography // Also Pictured: MAD Flowers & Co., Coreena’s Bridal, Ashley & Co., The Weinberg at Wixon Valley


wedding makeup

wedding makeup

Golden Olive

with Makeup ATX

What hues perfectly complement this skin tone? 

Esmerelda has beautiful, golden olive skin. When working on more of a natural look like this, I tend to use soft washes of color. For this look, I wanted to play up the skin, keeping everything else minimal. For Esmerelda’s skin, I prepped the skin with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magical Cream. To get this youthful glowy skin, I mixed  FACE Atelier Ultra Pro Foundation with MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Essential Oils. Keeping the cheeks soft and fresh, I applied SENNA Slipcover Cream to powder blush in Tender Rose.

What products would you recommend to recreate this look?

For the lips, I used LANEIGE’s Lip Sleeping Mask. This is my personal favorite lip conditioner and has a subtle shine. This is a staple in my kit, and it works for everyone. I also keep several of them around my house and in my car.

What are some tips for matching multiple skin tones?

There are a few things I factor into finding the perfect skin tone. When working on clients I like to mix shades. It’s not common to have the same tone all over.  You want to match your face to your body. If I’m uncertain of an undertone or shade, I will take 2-3 shades of foundation and apply it with a Q-tip at the jawline. Next, I let it sit for about a min (this gives it time to oxidize) to see which color blends in the best.”

Photo: Dani Bauer // Also Pictured: Jones Model Management, J.A Montgomery, Raven Row Salon



with flAir Style Lounge

How did you enhance this skin tone to create the perfect glow?

Enhancing the skin with a warm glow and adding accents of peaches and warm pinks pair wonderfully with this skin tone. Becca Backlight Priming Filter Face Primer is a go-to product to enhance the warm glow of skin tones like Carneisha’s. Cream blushes like Glossier’s Cloud Paint or Tarte’s Sugar Rush Beach Cheeks are favorites to deliver a healthy and fresh finish with an authentic flushed glow. Lips are a great way to add a subtle pop of color that enhances the soft golden caramel of the skin. There are great options for all budgets. Maybelline Color Sensational in Blushing Bud is a beautiful everyday option, while Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle is the perfect splurge for a special occasion. No matter what, don’t be afraid of warmth. It will help bring the face to life with a natural-looking flushed look and accentuate the golden caramel tones in the skin.

What products would you recommend to recreate this look?

For Carneisha’s understated glam look, Becca Backlight Priming Filter Face Primer was used to enhance her natural glow. Her cheek color is Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride accented with a highlight of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter at the high points of her cheekbones. Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Mademoiselle was the perfect choice of warm pink lip color to complement her glowing complexion. The eyes were kept simple with a champagne shimmer shadow on the lids and a soft neutral mauve shadow blended in the creases. A scatter of cluster lashes was added to the lash line for the perfect amount of glam that brings attention the eyes without overpowering the entire face.

What are some tips for finding your undertone?

Sometimes finding your undertone can be a little tricky since some skin shades have more subtle undertones. The most commonly known trick to determining your undertone is to look at your veins. If you have blue or purple veins, you more than likely have a cool undertone. If your veins are mostly green or olive, you are considered to have a warm undertone. If you find that you have both blue and green veins, then you have neutral undertones. Even neutral undertones tend to lean one way or the other as to what colors really look best. Jewelry can help those with neutral undertones determine if warmer or cooler color palettes look best on their skin. If you prefer the way that silver jewelry looks against your skin, then try out cooler colors when choosing makeup. If gold jewelry seems to work better for you, warmer makeup colors are the way to go. If you are ever unsure about a color with your undertone, try it out, then look at yourself in natural light. Natural light will give the most accurate lighting to see if your color choice enhances your skin and features or if it seems muddled or too harsh with your skin.

Photo: Caitlin Rose Photography // Also Pictured: Lucky Arrow Retreat, UnbridaledForm to Feeling, On a Limb Creative

See even more bridal beauty looks here, and connect with our favorite local hair and makeup artists here!

Rehearsal Dinner 101: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Rehearsal Dinner

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Wedding planning isn’t all about the big day. The rehearsal dinner is an important — and enjoyable — part of the wedding celebration, so we’re walking you through all the basics. From who to invite to where to have it, we’re covering everything you need to know to have the best rehearsal dinner.

This wedding tradition can be casual or formal, large-scale or intimate, etc. It all depends on the couple and their preferences. While there is no wrong way to do it, it’s helpful to know the general etiquette along with some pro-tips to get you started in the process of planning. Let’s dive into the details!

salt lick bbq best rehearsal dinner

Photo // Salt Lick BBQCory Ryan Photography


There are many wedding traditions, but none so pleasant and enjoyed by so many as the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner has been around for hundreds of years, back to when guests often had to travel for days or weeks to attend a wedding. Whether it was an elegant castle or the local public house, guests would be treated to the hospitality of a meal upon arrival with all the other parties involved. Over the years this has evolved into a sophisticated celebration with planned speeches and more, but ultimately it’s still about bringing people together.

The big day can often be a whirlwind for the couple, the wedding party, and the family, so this is a lovely opportunity for the inner circle to gather and have a quiet (or loud depending on how you celebrate) moment together.


What is the Purpose of the Rehearsal Dinner?

The purpose of the rehearsal dinner is to show hospitality to the wedding party and out-of-town guests. This is a time for the two families to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

It is most commonly held the night before the wedding day after running through the wedding rehearsal. In some cases, couples opt to have the rehearsal dinner two days before the event in order for people to recover, but this isn’t always convenient if you have a significant amount of out-of-town guests.


Does It Have to Be a Dinner?

Not at all. Rehearsal brunch, lunch, etc. All of those options are valid and common. The idea behind the rehearsal dinner is to feed the people in your wedding party (often just after the wedding rehearsal/walk-through) as well as any out-of-town guests, which are most likely extended family.

In some cases, the rehearsal and the dinner or meal have to be scheduled separately. While it’s preferable to do them together, don’t feel forced into anything. Each couple and their family have a unique circumstance. The heart of the tradition is about being together, sharing your hospitality, and a special moment before the wedding.


What Do You Serve at the Event?

When it comes to the rehearsal dinner menu, the world is your oyster! (Come to think of it — an oyster bar sounds amazing.) The beauty of this event is that you have a lot of flexibility to get creative. With a smaller guest list than your wedding, family-style or foodie-chic options are a lot of fun to delight your family and wedding party with.

If you aren’t sure what type of dinner you’d like to serve, talk to your wedding planner and significant other. Ultimately, this is the choice of the host, but be sure to give any important details to them ahead of time.

Things to consider include — 

  • Budget
  • Dietary Restrictions/Needs
  • Guest List Amount (You need a location that can accommodate everyone.)
  • Important Details  (This could be determining the even close by or having it at a meaningful location to you as a couple.)


Who Hosts the Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally speaking, it’s the groom’s family that hosts the event. Another name for this event is Groom’s Dinner. These are essentially two names for the same event depending on who is responsible for planning and paying.

The hosts are responsible for putting together the guest list and sending out the invitations.


Who is Invited?

Essentially, anyone who needs to be at the wedding rehearsal should be invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Guest List Includes —

  • Bridesmaids / Junior Bridesmaids
  • Maid/Matron of Honor
  • Groomsmen / Junior Groomsmen
  • Best Man
  • Honor Attendants
  • Ring bearer and/or Flower Girls (and their parents)
  • Parents of the Bride and Groom
  • Immediate Family
  • Out-of-Town Guests (Optional)
  • Officiant

Any roles in the wedding beyond these are optional but nice to include. Especially when it comes to roles in multi-cultural weddings, the standard rule is if they are participating in your wedding in some way, it’s proper etiquette to invite them.

Invitation Etiquette — Give guests a plus-one option.

Invitations should include —

  • The name and location of the venue.
  • The time of the rehearsal practice.
  • The time of the meal and location where it will be hosted.
  • RSVP contact and deadline information.
  • Menu information whenever possible.


Where Do You Host a Rehearsal Dinner?

This is completely up to the couple. Whether it’s a country club or a restaurant — or even a family home, the options vary by couple and situation. Many venues have rehearsal dinner options on-site, but if that is not the case for you, find a meaningful spot that is not too far from the rehearsal location.

It’s a good rule of thumb to keep this event more informal than the day itself. This is for multiple reasons. You don’t want to overshadow the big day, but also, you want this to be a warm and inviting environment where people can get to know each other.

What Happens at the Event?

Because this event is chiefly about the two families coming together and everyone getting to know each other, it’s best to keep things simple and easy to navigate. For you, this may mean having some games to encourage people being able to engage more easily or simply keeping it low-key with a family-style dinner vibe.

However you choose to plan your event, here is what is traditionally done at the rehearsal dinner—

  • Give everyone an opportunity to meet and greet each other. The hosts, as well as the parents and couple, should initiate introducing people to each other.
  • The host often welcomes people collectively before the meal.
  • If appropriate, this is also when the officiant or party member blesses the meal.
  • After the meal, gifts are often presented to the wedding party by the couple with a collective sentiment of thanks to the entire group. (In some cases, this includes the parent’s gifts, but many prefer to make that a private moment.)
  • The groom often toasts his new bride at this time.
  • Toasts and speeches are then given by the Fathers f the bride and groom.
  • Some take this time to allow for general toasts by guests but remember that primary speeches should be saved for the wedding day.
  • At the closing of the event, this is a good moment for the hosts, couple, or wedding planner to make any announcements and reminders about logistics for the big day.

As much fun as these evenings can be, remember that this should be wrapping up by 10 p.m. and not getting too raucous. You will need these people refreshed and at their best for the wedding day.



Now that we’ve answered the initial questions, let’s talk about the pro-tips you need to know to have the best rehearsal dinner — ever.

  • Don’t forget to hire a photographer for the rehearsal dinner.

(Even if this is just a friend, this is a special and intimate moment in your wedding celebration that is very worth documenting.)

  • Make a schedule.
  • Pick a theme. (This helps when picking the venue.)
  • Don’t plan an extravagant event because that’s not the point of the dinner and it could overshadow the wedding.
  • Don’t host it at a location far away from the wedding venue/rehearsal location.
  • Be sure to give yourself (and your guests) plenty of time to get from the rehearsal location to the dinner — but also be mindful that it isn’t too long in between.
  • Remember that this event doesn’t need to have a huge budget or lots of moving pieces. Keep it simple.
  • Be sure to help guests by letting them know what to expect from the meal details to the dress code. Don’t make them work to find out, and worse, don’t answer 20 of the same questions via text on your rehearsal day.
  • Be mindful not to overeat. You don’t want to feel bloated or ill the night before the wedding. (It’s not a must, but just something to keep in mind.)
  • As fun as the party might be — don’t keep your guests out too late. (You want everyone feeling their best and well-rested for the big day.)
  • Remember the purpose of this event and soak in these moments with the important people in your life. Be sure to let them know how grateful you are for them and how happy you are that they are part of this celebration.

All this talk of rehearsal dinner has us hungry — how about you? Check out some amazing local spots to host the best rehearsal dinner ever!

Find Your Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes

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Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding day is almost as crucial as the wedding dress! You have to pick a pair (or two) that will not only coordinate with your wedding gown but last you the whole day, too. We’ve put together some of our top picks for must-have wedding shoes – all available on Amazon

wedding shoes


1. Pointed Toe Studded Pumps | 2. Badgley Mischka Cher Pump | 3. Badgley Mischka Salma Loafer  | 4. Badgley Mischka Jeweled Mayra Heel | 5. Corral Angela Western Boot | 6. Badgley Mischka Paxton Pump | 7. Badgley Mischka Octavia Flat | 8. Badgley Mischka Ginny Dress Pump | 9. Badgley Mischka Fran Heel | 10. Jessica Simpson Layra Boot | 11. Badgley Mischka Quintana Heel | 12. Loeffler Randall Camellia Heel

Brides of Austin powered by Wed Society is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


You only have your wedding day once, so you may as well go all out! If you are all about fashion and don’t mind a bit of discomfort, these are for you. Strut your way through the day with a pair of stilettos that will make your legs look nice and lengthy. Plus some of our favorite designers have the most incredible wedding lines!

Flats or Shorter Heels

Flats and 1-2in heels make for the ultimate comfort level. If height isn’t a make or break deal for you, then these are your perfect wedding shoes. They’re classic, cute, and you’ll be able to move around all night long without having to worry about any discomfort!

Chunky Heel

The chunky heel is a perfect compromise for comfort, style and height. If you weren’t born and bred wearing 5-inch stilettos, this option is for you. Chunky heels are great because they are not only easier to walk in but are also (thankfully!) trendy right now. 


Boots are a staple for any Oklahoma bride! So why not rock your country style (with a bit of glam) on your wedding day? These pair really well with short or high-low dresses during the reception or are a fun surprise under a classic ball gown.

Featured Image // Kristin La Voie Photography

See all of the shoes we love for your wedding day here!

A Fall Fête with Dreamy Jewel Tones

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Three cheers for cooler weather and the gorgeous fall fête inspo that comes with it – like this dreamy jewel-toned editorial from Middleton Events! Transforming Villa Antonia into an autumn scene full of luxe textures and bold, saturated colors with a mix of warm and cool tones, Austin wedding planner Stephanie Middleton envisioned a wedding that felt like an intimate, close-knit gathering – a beautiful one, at that! A contemporary take on the princess-style gown from Unbridaled was a showstopper, complete with fine jewels by Nicole Mera. Remi + Gold designed the amazing florals with bold blooms that truly popped and added contrast and depth to every corner of the venue. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’ll definitely want to scroll through the images below and take notes! For more gorgeous fall wedding inspiration, be sure to grab a copy of the latest Brides of Austin issue!

Photos // Krystle Akin

From the planner, Stephanie Middleton of Middleton Events: “When designing the mood board for this shoot, I really wanted to pull fall components like dry foliage, berries, chestnuts and a color palette to highlight the season. I wanted to have a feeling of warmth and a close knit gathering when executing this shoot. One of my favorite elements to bring a shoot together is pulling various textures from menu materials, floral composition and linens to bring the vision together.”

From the florist, Remi + Gold: “Designing with warm and cool tones combined like we did here can be super tricky, but when it’s done well it can truly make your jaw drop! The pops of the cool purple tone mixed with the butterscotch colors make my heart swoon.”