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You’ll Have This Wedding Playlist from Dart Collective on Repeat

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When it comes to choosing music for your wedding, Dart Collective is here to help you think outside the box and curate a set of songs that will not only capture the mood of the night, but get your guests up and moving! Forever obsessed with all things music but the first to admit they’re not elitists, the talented musicians and DJs at Dart Collective want to help you customize a set list that represents YOU. Need some ideas to get started? Take a listen to some of Dart’s all-time favorite love songs in the wedding playlist below. They shared with us a little about a few of these songs and why they’d also be the perfect choice for a first dance, so if you’re still trying to nail down a special song, be sure to read below!

Scroll down for the Spotify playlist and get ready to jam!

dart collective wedding playlist

Photo: Caroline Lima Photography

Dart Collective’s Ultimate First Dance Songs

Kendrick Lamar – “LOVE” (feat. Zacari)

A cross-genre masterpiece, this song fits so many moods and captures a perfectly intimate vibe for folks that want to look cool, but not too cool in front of their guests.

George Harrison – “If Not For You”

This is a cut from George’s solo record “This Too Shall Pass,” which came out only a few years after the Beatles broke up. While it’s technically a cover of a Bob Dylan original, Harrison’s version evokes that beautiful feeling of timelessness you feel around your partner. It’s also upbeat enough to keep folks smiling and moving.

Penny & The Quarters – “You & Me”

This is an old song that was discovered by crate-digging masters The Numero Group and made it’s way onto the soundtrack for the movie “Blue Valentine” in 2010. Despite its old-timey feeling, “You & Me” is a hauntingly beautiful piece that speaks volumes about love in its simple guitar strumming under three-part harmonies. Lyrically, it’s very straightforward – it’s one of those songs that feel familiar the first time you hear it.

Neil Young – “Harvest Moon”

Neil Young is a master songwriter and his classic hit remains at the top of his best work for good reason – it’s just a perfect song. It effortlessly represents the feeling of being in love (whether newly found or decades old) and is 100% guaranteed to bring happy tears to guests’ eyes.

Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together”

One cannot make a first dance list and not include this song. It’s groovy yet intimate, cutting lyrically yet understated emotionally. You can play this song at any point of the night and most guests will start smiling and moving along. Choosing it as your first dance amplifies the experience that much more.

Want Dart Collective to spin epic tunes like these at your wedding? Reach out to their team with a message via their Brides of Austin profile. Cheers!

Ask the Expert – Q&A with Photographer Stephanie Ponce

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The best wedding photos are truly a work of art — and that’s how former fashion photographer turned wedding photographer, Stephanie Ponce approaches the process. After starting her career in the fashion industry being trained by one of the best photographers in the business, she was drawn to the concept of capturing moments that would be treasured for a lifetime. Today, she’s sharing a behind the scenes look at her artistic process and some of her best tips for turning your wedding photos into memories as beautiful as they are special!

stephanie ponce

Photo // Stephanie Ponce

Describe your photography style.

Timeless, romantic and elegant are all words that have been used to describe my work. I shoot mostly film on the wedding day and that has allowed me to get beautiful coloring in my images that don’t follow some current fad. I strive to provide images to my couples that they will still be gushing over in 50 years!

Tell us what you love most about being a photographer.

I love getting to witness two people promise forever to each other and getting to document that moment for them. I have photographed over 100 weddings and still cry during every single ceremony.

Film or digital?

Film all the way, although I shoot both. Since I started shooting film a few years ago it has caused me to slow down when shooting and really compose an image before I click the shutter because each photo costs money, whereas on digital it doesn’t. When I first started photography my dad would tell me, “You’re good if you take 1,000 photos and 1 turns out good.” I think that’s crap and what makes bad photographers. Film has taught me to nail the shot in camera the first shutter click, so I never have to worry if I “got the shot.” I already know exactly the images I’ve captured.

What should a bride look for when hiring a photographer?

When looking for a photographer I think the most important thing is making sure their photography is something you can see yourself still loving years down the road rather than some fad photo style that’s popular now. Secondly, the photographer’s personality is also important. They are by your side practically your entire wedding day so it’s important to make sure they are someone you can get along with. I think one of the biggest priorities for couples when choosing their photographer is pricing, but I honestly don’t think your photographer is where you should be looking for a good deal. After your wedding day is over, all you have left are those photos. So get the photographer whose photos you love even if they are just a bit out of your budget. You probably won’t remember what you ate that night or the songs the DJ played, but you will be looking at those photos for a lifetime.

Any tips on getting those perfectly styled detail shots?

Make sure to have all of your details ready for your photographer before they arrive.  Usually, when your photographer arrives you are in the middle of hair and makeup, and since we don’t know what all of your details are or what they look like, they can be difficult to find and make sure we get them all. I ask my brides to put all of the details they want photographed in a box the night before the wedding so that day-of they just point me in the direction of the box, and I start styling.


A very special thank you to wedding photographer extraordinaire Stephanie Ponce for sharing her process and tips with us! You can learn more about getting her expertise on your special day by contacting her directly through her Brides of Austin vendor profile.

Ask the Expert – Q&A with R.A.C. Events and Design

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No matter if you need full-scale planning, design, coordination — or all of the above for your wedding, we have Reyna Caraveo, creative director and CEO of R.A.C. Events and Design, here to share her insights in this edition of Ask the Expert! Keep reading to get tips for how to get a cohesive wedding day look, plus more expert tips!

Ask the Expert - Q&A with Reyna Caraveo of R.A.C. Events and Design

Photo // Pine and Blossom Photography

What is your favorite part of being a wedding planner?

It is so special to us that we get to be a part of one of the most important days in a couple’s lives! Building trust with a couple is crucial to planning, and seeing the work turn out just as they imagined at the end of the day is so rewarding!

What’s the one piece of advice you share with every bride?

We have to have a solid relationship! Just like your fiancée, we need to be the right fit for you. To execute your vision and have the day go smoothly, we need to be able to trust each other and the bride has to have confidence in us.

Any tips for selecting the right theme or color palette for your wedding day?

Always consider the time of year or season, and what your favorite colors are naturally. You don’t want to look back at your wedding day and hate a color you chose just because it was a trend at that time. Think about color theory and how certain colors make you feel, what they represent, your personality and overall wedding day vibe. Also, bring in your vendor experts like your florist and photographer for guidance on lighting and styling! Or hire a planner who is also a designer to help you! 

What are your favorite details/decor that you like to work at weddings?

My favorite details are the ones that are so out of the box or unique to the couple! It can be anything from the furniture set up, stationery design, or little details like the guest party favors. I love anything non-traditional!

How do you create a cohesive wedding day look?

For a cohesive wedding day look, you want to make sure everything makes sense. Colors (and shapes) need to go well together and use inspiration from your venue’s design as well. From there, you can keep building on your florals, linens, signs and attire to make everything seamlessly flow.


A special thank you to Reyna Caraveo, Creative Director for R.A.C. Events and Design, for sharing her insights with our readers! To get her expertise for making your wedding a beautiful, well-organized event, you can contact her directly through her Brides of Austin vendor profile.

Seaside Sunset Wedding Inspiration at The Oasis

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There’s nothing we love more than those watercolor skies that bless us every summer. Combined with an unbelievable view of Lake Travis via The Oasis, and a dreamy, seaside color palette, this styled shoot is giving us ALL the sunset wedding inspiration. Whimsical, bold calligraphy from Bailey Rose Design added some pop to the accompanying soft, beachy place setting. Breed & Co provided the stoneware with a sea glass like glaze – perfect for the occasion! The floral design incorporated warm and cool colors, mimicking the tones of the beach and sand. Malleret Designs artistically combined honey colored roses with pale pink peonies for the look. The bridal style was perfectly curated; a tulle dress in the faintest hue of blue from Unbridaled was understated, yet eye-catching. Eliza Page provided a unique ring with a stone to match the gown – soft blue with a distinct uniqueness. The beauty look from Level 12 Salon was effortlessly feminine, pairing a soft, low bun and natural makeup for an ideal elegance. Sasha Haagensen worked her sunset wedding magic and captured some of the most stunning photos! You don’t want to miss this!

Photos //  Sasha Haagensen Photography

Local Venue Spotlight: Located on a cliff 450 feet above Austin’s Lake Travis, The Oasis boasts stunning sunset views at their full service venue. You’ll find a variety of spaces each with its own private deck. For a large guest list, the loft- like Starlight Terrace accommodates up to 400 guests and for a more intimate affair, the Lakeside Terrace features a cozy fireplace and panoramic views.

Can’t Miss this Santa Fe Inspired Altar

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Inspired by Southwestern landscapes and the divine culture of New Mexico, this Santa Fe styled shoot is a must-see for all you vintage lovers! Garey House served as the perfect venue for this whimsical Western dream, right here in the heart of Texas! Our jaws dropped at the intricate mosaic tile design painted on the three-tiered cake. The high-necked gown from Unbridaled featured fine fringe and textured boho details that signify the free sprit of this shoot. A mixture of yellow blooms, pampas grass and lush palms added a subtle hint of Tropicana to the warm fireplace display. The stylish flare of the plum florals convey a sense of wander, which contrasts perfectly with the delicate and airy blossoms scattered throughout the venue. A vintage-chic denim jacket completes the unique bridal look with dazzling diamond detail on the back. Scavenged Vintage Rentals transformed the altar into a dreamy destination to exchange vows with bohemian rugs and iconic metallic ottomans. The Navajo blanket and vivid turquoise jewelry incorporate the Native American lifestyle into this perfectly illustrated day. How stunning are the neutral tones mixed with a dazzle of gold? The color palette mimics the grandeur that chases the Santa Fe scenery, making the shoot come to life. What a great reminder that the blending of two individual styles and contrasting cultures can come to fruition with a little help from a great team! Cheers!

Photos // The Copper Collective

From the planner: “I actually went to Santa Fe for one of my bride-become-friends’ bachelorette weekend, and I was inspired by my trip. I also felt that what the florist contributed brought in an element of tropicana, which I felt symbolized the bringing together of two different cultures reflected in the bride and groom model, so desert and tropicana in the Hill Country!”