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How to Include Guests from Afar: 7 Virtual Wedding Ideas

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2020 and 2021 certainly changed the way we think about celebrating weddings and made virtual celebrations a totally normal practice. Even as the pandemic dissipates, you may have important guests that can’t make it to your actual wedding, but still want to celebrate with you from afar, and it’s so important to include these folks and make them feel just as important and appreciated as you do your in-person guest list! Read on for our best virtual wedding ideas to to celebrate your wedding with guests both near and far!

Photo // Alyssa Jarae Photography

1. Live Stream

The most important component of celebrating with guests from afar! Whether you choose Google Hangout, Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Zoom, you’ve got plenty of free options to let guests watch your ceremony and reception no matter where in the world they are. Make sure your guests are on mute so there aren’t any background noise issues. If you’re using a streaming service with a code or meeting ID, you’ll definitely want to include that on the invitation as well. A unique, eye-catching backdrop is another way to jazz up what guests see on the screen of your live stream.

Start streaming before the processional so guests don’t miss a single moment, and ask your officiant to specifically welcome guests celebrating from afar so they feel included! Don’t forget to live stream major reception events, as well, like first dances, cake cutting and toasts! It’s helpful to say goodbye to virtual guests and thank them before “dismissing” them, so they don’t feel like they have to linger. Including a live stream itinerary with your invitation suite is also a helpful way to set virtual guests’ expectations and help them follow along.

Pro tip: add a QR code on your invitation to send guests straight to your live stream!

2. Video Messages

Invite guests celebrating from afar to pre-record video messages and send them to someone (maybe a task for your tech-savvy maid of honor or best man) to compile into one big video with well-wishes from all of your virtual guests. This would be so cute to play during cocktail hour or during dinner!

3. Playlist

Help set the mood on your wedding day with a link to your wedding day playlist (another great place to utilize a QR code or Spotify code). Include a mix of upbeat songs, slower songs and songs that represent your own love story! Guests celebrating with you from afar can jam out the day of your wedding and keep the mood going even after the big day! Take it one step further and make things interactive – keep your virtual wedding guests engaged throughout the wedding with a Bingo card that has them listening for certain songs or watching for certain fun occurrences.

4. Virtual Guest Book

Send out a separate card with your invitation suite (along with an addressed, prepaid envelope) asking for guests to write their advice and well-wishes down before signing the card. Many companies offer services where they’ll digitally compile these notes into a printed keepsake, as if each guest actually signed a physical guest book!

5. Custom Recipe Cards

Another wonderful idea to include with your printed invitation suite (definitely still send printed, mailed invitations to all guests, regardless of whether they’ll be celebrating virtually or not – it helps to set the tone for your day!), a custom recipe card could include the instructions to make your signature cocktail or even your dessert! That way, guests can prep ahead of time and partake in elements of your wedding that engage all the senses, in addition to having a cute keepsake to remember your day. So fun!

6. Care Packages

Show guests celebrating from afar that you care with a thoughtful package mailed to them the week of your wedding. Include non-perishable snacks, individually wrapped desserts similar to what you’re serving in person, favors that carry on your wedding theme, handwritten notes thanking them for celebrating with you, props for a virtual photo booth and even mini champagne bottles to toast from afar!

7. Virtual Photo Booths

Speaking of virtual photo booths, this is one of those virtual wedding ideas we just LOVE! Some companies offer a virtual photo booth where friends and family can access a link and take photos with the wedding frame design that will be added to the wedding photo booth gallery. They’ll be able to feel as if they’re right there at the reception with you!


Bonus Tip: Hire a professional emcee with the technical experience to keep your virtual wedding celebrations running smoothly. This person should have a lively personality to keep virtual guests engaged and feeling included throughout your whole event, but also the know-how to set up cameras and computers correctly as well as handle any live stream technical issues that come up. This will be an investment you and your virtual guests will be glad you made!

Virtual celebrations help ensure your guests can stay safe while celebrating from afar – needing some ideas to help make sure your guests stay safe while they’re celebrating alongside you? Check out our ideas to keep guest safety top of mind!

Celebrating Two Milestones: Getting Married During Graduation Season

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Getting engaged close to graduation can seem overwhelming. From one season to the next, it feels like there is not enough time to celebrate what deserves to be celebrated! We are here to help you navigate celebrating both graduation and your engagement season. We have a few tips to help you enjoy both seasons simultaneously, while feeling like they are both getting equal attention!

Celebrating Two Milestones: Getting Married During Graduation Season

Photo // Alyssa Jarae Photography

Host Your Graduation Parties Together

Get your families together and have a grad party! Celebrate moving from this season to the next with all of your loved ones by your side. This is a fun way to reflect on your college memories and appreciate all of the things that led you to the next chapter. Pick a central location for families and friends to meet so they can all celebrate with you. Rep your college colors one more time and reminisce on all the fun memories before fully moving on to the next chapter!

Take Your Graduation Pictures Together

Dating and getting engaged during your college years is something sweet! Remember those special times by booking a photographer to take your graduation pictures together. You will have these pictures for years down the road, and could even use them for display at your wedding! Go to that first date spot in your college town wearing your cap and gown. You will have pictures that will last a lifetime and help you reflect on that season years down the road.

Still “Date” Your Future Spouse

Tackling graduation and engagement season can be busy and a bit hectic! From grad parties to wedding planning, time for each other may seem sparse. Remember to make time for your fiancé. Set weekly dates together where you and your fiancé get quality time, free of the distraction. Make sure you are being intentional with this time. It can be a big date, or something small. Pick something you both enjoy doing together to help the two of you be on the same page and in tune with how each of you are feeling!

Lean On Your Friends While They are Close

A great benefit of getting engaged in college is that all of your girlfriends who have watched your relationship progress are right there! Lovingly use them as a resource to manage your busy schedule, emotions and wedding planning. Spend time with them and continue to make memories before you all go your separate ways. Don’t cut this season short while you still have time! Be present with your girls and celebrate with them.

Be Present and Be Proactive

Often when we have a lot on our plate we tend to always be thinking about the next thing on our to-do list. Purchase a planner and take it one day at a time, soaking it all in. From graduation parties, to friends getting engaged, to your own wedding planning, your planner will be full! Every day pencil in a reminder to be present at each thing. These two big seasons are ones you don’t just want to skate through. Embrace the busy season by being extra proactive in your planning.

Wanting to know more about wedding planning in college? Click here!

Rugged Romance Wedding Editorial in Rust & Terra Cotta Hues

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Filled with rugged romance and perfect for the nontraditional bride, this warm-toned wedding editorial designed and styled by In Her Shoes Coordination combines all our favorite fall nuptial elements in one edgy outdoor weddingscape at Cypress Falls Event Center. Mix the season’s trendiest elements like velvet linens from Premiere Events, a color block cake by Sweet Treets Bakery and geometric altar provided by the venue to completely transform an outdoor setting, beautifully captured by Annique Marie Photography, into a destination location for a fashion-forward couple. This bride rocks a twisty up-style that works well with her felt hat and incorporates terra cotta tones in her bridal eye makeup too, both styled by Crown of Glory Beauty. A soft, botanical-illustrated invitation suite by Design to Flourish works to set the tone for the whole day, and we love the personalized terra cotta clay place card details. Fall foliage, peach petals and bold burgundy blooms alike make up each autumnal arrangement, and we are crushing hard on this bridal bouquet designed by Lavender & Lily Floral that’s as if it’s right off our Pinterest wedding board. A strapless lace bustier bodice gown from Serendipity Bridal gives a romantic vibe, and a black leather jacket is the edgy black cherry on top of this swoon-worthy rugged romance wedding editorial. Read on for notes from the planner as well as a few of the other talented vendors that made this inspiration come to life. Cheers!

Photo // Annique Marie Photography

From the planner, Lindsay of In Her Shoes Coordination, “For my design, I wanted to create a moody photoshoot that brought in neutral colors in taupe and terra cotta with pops of deep reds and gold. The natural surroundings with the venue created the perfect backdrop. The design has a bit of an edge to it with soft features – something for a bold and daring couple ready to take on the world.”

From the hair and makeup artist, Chassie of Crown of Glory Beauty, “The overall feel of this shoot was casual/edgy, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a fun glam detail to everything. The rugged romance vibes definitely influenced her beauty look. The florals and color palette had a lot of terra cotta colors so we used that for her makeup palette. Terra cotta hues on her eyelids paired with a bold lash went so well with the edgy theme. As far as hair, we went super messy and tousled, but still beautifully put up in an undone sort of way. She definitely isn’t your traditional bride, so we had to give her a nice edge to go along with her hipster hat and leather jacket!”

From the calligrapher, Kelli of Design to Flourish: “Terra cotta keeps popping up on my mood boards, which is no surprise since it can be paired with so many rich colors. It’s a great neutral to play off of for any bride. I knew when I saw the inspiration images for the shoot, I wanted to create something feminine and soft, and I feel like the floral design on the invitation suite really achieves that.”

From the florist, Mallory of Lavender & Lily Floral: “One of my favorite elements used in the bouquet and table centerpieces were the painted tulips. These were not originally on my order, but I ended up grabbing these at the flower market when I saw how beautifully they paired with all of the other elements. Painted tulips are the result of dyed-absorption techniques (allowing the tulips to drink a solution of water and paint thinner). This process allows you to see the veins of each petal and can result in some beautiful color combinations that are very unique. I decided to ‘reflex’ or pull back the petals to make the blooms appear bigger and so that more of the vein detail would show up in the pictures.”

Find even more floral inspiration in our upscale editorials here, or browse through our styled shoots here and have fun daydreaming. Cheers!

Style School | Defining Your Wedding Design

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Your wedding design is so much more than just all the pretty details that compromise the decor of your wedding – design is also a mood, feeling and personality that you give your wedding day! If you’re stuck between deciding one design style over the other for your big day, or if you’re unsure how to mix two styles together that you love, we’ve got all the insight from Lovely Day Events to help you in the process. From looking at your own personal fashion sense to starting the design planning by selecting a venue to creating the perfect mood board, this lesson in style school is sure to answer any questions you may have about defining your ideal wedding design! Scroll to read all of the expert advice from Lovely Day Events for advice for when it comes time to define the design for your wedding day. Happy planning!

Photos // Elkk Photography

Style School | Defining Your Wedding Design

What tips do you have for couples who are not sure about what design style suits them?

I always encourage couples who do not have a vision to start with their venue and season! Seasons and venues will have certain parameters and design needs to work off of. If you have booked an outdoor venue in the Hill Country, you’ll likely be drawn to nature and its surroundings and will have complimentary florals and appropriate linens. A large hotel ballroom will naturally have more need for special lighting and taller centerpieces to fill the space. I also ask couples about inspires them individually – art, poetry, music, camping, nature, food or music – or if they share a love of something together.

For couples who embrace two different styles, where do you start in creating a visually cohesive design?

Style is really just a combination of inspiration from different eras, designers and mashups, so it can be fun to blend those elements. I encourage couples to select one theme or inspiration as their main focal point, then add a few fun and contrasting statement pieces. Too many differing elements ends up competing instead of unifying. 

From rentals to fashion, what makes a successful design mashup?

The overall goal with design is to be able to stand back and see the design as a whole. Do the colors all work well? If there are patterns, do they work well and not clash? Are there too many types of wood? Does everything make sense and is consistent for the level of formality? The rentals, fashion and all of the design elements should make sense in regard to your overall design and event goals.

What are your tips for creating a mood board?

I like to have the couple start by selecting colors, flowers, photographs, art and magazines off of Pinterest. Typically, I see themes running throughout what they have selected, and I try to look for the commonalities and focus in on what they like. I then discuss their photos with them and ask questions about why they like those details, what they like overall and why they selected the particular photos. We settle on colors and a theme and then create a mood board that incorporates fashion, hair and makeup, venue, florals, colors and rentals. There is something about seeing everything laid out on one page that really brings the big picture together – you can see what will and won’t work. It’s a process of brainstorming and elimination!

A special thank you to Kierstin Schupack from Lovely Day Events for sharing her insight on how to define your wedding design! Visit Lovely Day Events’ Brides of Austin vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

His & Hers Engagement Photo Outfits & Props

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Nailing your engagement photo aesthetic is a MUST. From urban-chic, to effortlessly-romantic, to everything in between, we’re here to help you compile engagement photo outfits and props, sure to exude who you are as a couple. We’re sharing our very favorite engagement photo outfits for your engagement shoot styling. Our shoppable links make it easy to get these looks, props and more that’ll leave you blissful over your photos. Above all, you should feel confident in your engagement photo attire – that we’re certain will be a game changer in the results of your shoot. Keep scrolling to see our take on different aesthetics that will leave you with amazingly styled photos!

For the Good Vibes Couple

Good vibes are written all over this attire and prop round-up. This flirty green dress pairs perfectly with the happy stripes on his button up shirt. Certainly, with the mules and Birkenstocks bringing in the most quintessential relaxed energy – not to mention the vintage-inspired charm of the mini statement earrings and wooden record player. Bring along sleek disposable cameras, a new wave and pop vinyl and a crafted cocktail kit for all the good vibrations!

engagement photo outfits for the good vibes couple

1. Mini Statement Hoop Earrings | 2. Green Smocked Midi Dress | 3. Cream Loafer Mules | 4. Gauze Stripe Shirt | 5. Jeans | 6. Birkenstock Sandals | 7. Wood Record Player | 8. Matte Disposable Cameras | 9. Khalid – American Teen Vinyl | 10. Fresh Squeeze Cocktail Kit

For the Down-to-Earth Couple

We are HERE for this earthy-toned aesthetic – which is only right for our down-to-earth couples. For a more casual feel, check out this olive green belted romper! Paired with fringe statement earrings and mule sandals, you’re bound to be left with effortlessly swoon-worthy shots. This indigo shirt, khaki jeans and retro sneakers are perfect for all of our easy-going grooms. Up your engagement photos with a styled picnic. Nab a picnic basket and modern tufted throw blanket and and pack your favorite treats for the session!

engagement photo outfits for the down-to-earth couple

1. Beaded Fringe Statement Earrings | 2. Belted Safari Romper | 3. Beige Mule Sandals | 4. Indigo Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt | 5. Slim Khaki Jeans | 6. Reebok Club C 85 Sneaker | 7. Tufted Throw Blanket | 8. Wine & Bread Basket | 9. Cactus Chocolates | 10. Belvoir Elderflower Cordial

For the All-American Couple

Both sweet and modish, pearl huggie earrings and woven heels add sophistication to the elegance of this pleated mid-length dress. His navy suit, paired with a chambray button-up, white sneakers and classically round sunglasses add a true All-American feel. Looking to add some fun, colorful props? Incorporate some New England favorites – set up a checkerboard or play a game of croquet!

engagement photo outfits for the All-American couple

1. Huggie Earrings | 2. Smock-Waist Pleated Dress | 3. Woven Heeled Mules | 4. Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Jacket | 5. Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Pant | 6. Indigo Chambray Workshirt | 7. Leather Court Sneakers | 8. Classic Round RayBan Sunglasses | 9. Checkers Game | 10. Canvas Double Wine Tote | 11. Picnic Travel Croquet Set | 12. Waterproof Picnic Blanket

For the Urban-Chic Couple

Calling all urban-chic couples! This leather jacket and combat boots give an edgy feel to the attire, paired well with a softer ruffle-sleeve top and gold jewelry for a playful juxtaposition. The tonal green, grey and khaki for his look round out the edgy yet fashionable aesthetic for this engagement shoot. These nostalgic props are a no-brainer for a playful and retro vibe! Set up a boombox and jump on a pastel-colored penny board (two-on one photos are so stinkin’ cute) for a fun afternoon that will be captured forever.

engagement photo outfits for the urban-chic couple

1. Bowery Hoops | 2. Harden Necklace | 3. Washed Leather Jacket | 4. Ruffle-Strap Button-Up Top | 5. Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean | 6. Black Lace-Up Boot | 7. Military Shirt Jacket | 8. Khaki Baseball Cap | 9. Grey Crewneck Tee | 10. Selvedge Jeans | 11. Recycled Canvas High-Top Sneakers | 12. 35mm Camera and Film Bundle | 13. 22″ Penny Skateboard | 14. Spalding Floral Basketball | 15. Retro Boombox

Still need ideas on what to wear and what to bring to your engagement photoshoot? See more of our favorite outfit inspiration ideas here to find your perfect his and hers engagement photo outfits and props.