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5 Stress-Free Tips for Cutting Down the Guest List

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One of the more arduous tasks of wedding planning is pinning down the guest list. It’s an amazing feeling to have everyone you love and care about in the same room celebrating you and your hubby. Unfortunately, you more than likely will be limited by space and/or money, and a cutoff must be set. The fear of causing tension or stirring up bad blood might be nagging at you, but your wedding is about you and your fiancé’s happiness. If you’re needing to cut down your guest list, consider some of our tips below!

5 Stress-Free Tips for Cutting Down the Guest List

Photo // Fine Day Press, Sophie Epton Photography

Make an A- and B-List

The first step in creating your wedding guest list is writing down who instantly comes to mind. This will be your A-list. These are people you can’t imagine your day without. The next step in constructing a B-list. This list includes people who you’d love to be there, but they may or may not expect or desire an invitation. Put this list in order of priority, and then send invitations out in waves. As people decline their invitation, send another round out to the people at the top of the B-list. Parents typically enjoy inviting some of their close friends as well, especially if they’ve watched you grow up. Discuss this with your parents and in-laws and decide together who makes the A-list and where certain people should go on the B-list.

Ask Yourself, “Would I be offended if I wasn’t invited to their’s?”

When there is a question about whether to invite someone or not, ask yourself if you would be offended if you weren’t invited to their wedding. If the answer is “no,” chances are they probably will feel the same way. If your relationship isn’t at the level of inviting each other to life-altering events, that’s okay! Usually, the feeling is mutual.

3-Year Rule

You and your fiancé are about to start your future together, so invite people you know will be a part of that future! If you haven’t seen or even spoken to someone in three years, it’s obvious they aren’t a part of your present and will most likely play a very small role in your future. However, there are some exceptions, like if they made your A-list or live far away. You’ll know which people to be more lenient with, but it will help you knock a good amount of people off the list.

No Plus-Ones

While offering your guests a plus-one is a nice gesture, it’s more important to be able to invite everyone you desire. You might still allow your bridal party to bring a date out of courtesy, but don’t feel obligated to extend the option to every guest. Choosing who can and can’t bring a date can get complicated as well. It’s safer to just have a set rule for all attending.

Adults-Only Wedding

Another quick way to shorten the guest list is by inviting adults only, no children. You may ask that guests not bring children under a certain age. Whether it’s a matter of space, money or just for the sake of the atmosphere, most guests will understand and respect your request. You can always consider providing a childcare room where kids would stay during the ceremony and, possibly, the reception. Be sure to make it clear if parents should retrieve their children for the reception or if the children are expected to remain in the childcare room through that time as well.

Now that you have your guest list cut down, it’s time to send invitations! Check out some of Austin’s best invitation and save-the-date designers here!

This Couple’s Donut Date Made for a Trendy Austin Engagement Session

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In their sweet and trendy Austin engagement session, Nina and Connor look so in love with each other in juxtaposed urban and waterside shots! We can’t get over the bubbly chemistry between these two or the joy-filled smiles within their gallery, flawlessly and heartwarmingly captured by Nikk Nguyen PhotoThe pair’s story began when they first met while at a work conference. Connor lived in Austin at the time, while Nina lived in Chicago. Connor was working on transferring up to her office and they kept in touch, starting their relationship long-distance before he finally made the move to Chicago about five months later! Now, Nina and Connor are excited to plan their nuptial celebrations! Utilizing a color scheme of white, cream, ivory and touches of dusty pink, Nina says they are going for a modern romantic vibe that is “intentional, artistic, ethereal and with a soft, timeless color palette.” They say they are most excited about the nods to Austin that will be incorporated into their wedding. The couple will be having a Texas charcuterie board for cocktail hour, beer mules and a bar curated with local beer, wine and spirits. We wish them all the best and can’t wait to see the gorgeous gallery that’s sure to come from their spring 2021 wedding! Read on to hear from the photographer about Nina and Connor’s trendy Austin engagement session – plus, the story of how he proposed! Cheers to Nina and Connor!

Photos // Nikk Nguyen Photo

From the photographer: “I got the privilege of doing a Lady Bird Lake engagement shoot in Austin, Texas, for Nina and Connor. We also took some photos on Rainey Street, and I loved getting to hear their story – complete with Little Lucy’s donuts. They met at a work conference while they were living in two different cities. Eventually, the time came when Connor was going to propose. The couple flew out to Nina’s hometown in California for a family event in October 2019. They took a day trip to Lake Tahoe with some close friends, one of whom was a photographer. He mentioned that he needed to quickly stop at the lake to take some photos. They all piled out of the car and walked to the dock where, much to Nina’s surprise, Connor asked her to marry him! They celebrated by having lunch with their friends in Tahoe. After lunch, they headed back to Nina’s parent’s house where Connor had planned a surprise party with fifty of their closest friends and family to celebrate their engagement!”

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It’s Like Golden Hour All Throughout this Fall Toned Scene

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Held at The Woodbine Mansion, this fall toned scene features so many stunning vignettes that have a little something in common with golden hour – and we are loving it! Wild-edged and gorgeous autumnal floral installations by Remi + Gold in warm shades of terra cotta and rust made it feel like early fall, and we cannot believe the way the sun set on the altar arrangements on the mansion’s lawn. Acrylic ghost chairs and other incredible rentals from Premiere Events embellished and modernized the outdoor spaces, and we love the way these tables looked, donning velvety-soft linens in mauve to bring a feminine feel to these transitional fall toned wedding scenes. Delicious looking Grazeology Grazing Tables, as well as some effervescent bubbly and bartending by Pink Avocado Catering, leave full bellies and pink cheeks to boot, and the perfect ending to any wedding day (in our opinion) is a quick snap in Vannagram & Co. photo booth to capture your wedding memories forever – all on display in this seasonal soiree! Cheers!

Photos // Sloane Photo

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Abstract Details Elevate this Whimsical Butterfly Wedding Inspiration

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There are so many bright and fun elements in this whimsical garden wedding inspiration, but the abstract archway altar takes this inspiration shoot to a whole new level! Artfully designed and coordinated by wedding planner Heavenly Weddings, there are so many gorgeous details within these whimsy-filled wedding scenes, and this model looks like she just stepped off a red carpet with a fun, colorful bridal beauty look that perfectly complements her attire along with the rest of the day. Butterflies intertwined tastefully within the decor add a sense of nostalgia and innocence that we love and only add to the amount of whimsy in this scene! Scrolling through these stunning photos will surely have you just as obsessed with this whimsical butterfly wedding inspiration as we are. Cheers!

Photos // Bear Moose & Fox

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3 Special Times You’ll Want to Have Your Wedding Photographer Capture

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It’s all about the special moments, right? When you’re in the midst of the season of engagement, life is full of those special moments, and you want to make sure they’re all captured! From some must-have pre-wedding images to one of the best wedding moments you’ll definitely want captured, we’re sharing ideas from these talented Austin wedding photographers of the photos you’ll want to have for posterity once the wedding day has come and gone. Scroll down to see some of their must-have moments!

The Engagement Session

engagement session with wedding photographer

Photo: David McCandless Photography

Why do an engagement session?

Investing in an engagement session with your wedding photographer is important for SO many reasons. It’s a chance not only to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you before the big day, but to get comfortable in front of the camera! It’s an opportunity for photos in a relaxed, fun setting – like this image from David McCandless Photography illustrates – where you can really express yourselves and your personalities. Choose a location that’s meaningful to you, wear outfits that you feel genuinely comfortable and confident in and have FUN with your fiancé.


A Sultry Boudoir Shot

boudoir photography with austin wedding photographer

Photo: Melissa Glynn Photography

Should I really do a boudoir session?

We know what you’re probably thinking – “I could never feel confident enough to do a boudoir session!” Enter: a seasoned boudoir photographer who not only knows the best poses but whose presence can help you feel confident enough to ROCK a session like this. Why invest in a boudoir session to begin with? Well, as Melissa Glynn Photography puts it, these sessions capture what makes a bride so fantastically wonderful, beautiful, fun and fabulous. A boudoir session is filled with moments where you’ll feel absolutely amazing in your own skin – whether you choose to give a boudoir album as a gift for your spouse, or just want to do the session for yourself, look at these images as a way to capture a different side of you. An exquisitely beautiful side, at that!


The Grand Exit

exit shot from austin wedding photographer

Photo: CC Photofactory

Why make sure your wedding photographer stays until the end?

Many photography packages only include a set number of hours, which means you may have some decisions to make when it comes to parts of the wedding day you definitely want captured. As evident in this gorgeous image from CC Photofactory, having your wedding photographer stay until your grand exit is never a bad idea! The grand exit photos are always so fun, no matter if you do a sparkler exit, bubbles, streamers or just a classic walk-and-wave! You won’t regret having photos of the moment you walk out of your wedding as a newly married couple, surrounded by your closest loved ones cheering you on. As a bonus, the classic getaway car photos are not only timeless, but always full of the most genuinely peaceful, joyful expressions. You’re JUST MARRIED, after all!

When hiring an Austin wedding photographer, make sure you chat with them about all of the big moments you want to capture before and during the big day. This season of life is a fleeting one – make the most of it with images and memories you’ll cherish forever! Cheers!