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Romantic Editorial Bridal Portrait Inspiration from The Crakes

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Whether you’re feeling a little camera shy or just looking for ways to break out of the box with your bridal portraits, this gallery chock full of bridal portrait inspiration from The Crakes is characterized by soft natural light, a warm, romantic backdrop and all the bridal basics needed for some seriously stunning shots! Bringing a bouquet along to your session can serve as a prop to help you loosen up, and Remi + Gold absolutely killed it with this one! Roses in shades of ivory, apricot and baby pink totally embody romance and make the chicest double exposure images for a super cool, editorial look! This faux-bride looks ready to be wed with a windswept updo secured with a romantic headpiece as well as soft, natural makeup, both by the artists at Think Brink Beauty. Her elegant RISH gown from Unbridaled features the sweetest chiffon straps fit to be tied – on the shoulder, or off! We love either look on this bridal beauty. Read on for a note from the talented photographer about this styled bridal portrait inspiration and scroll on to see all the pretty details for yourself. Cheers!

Photo // The Crakes

From the photographer, The Crakes: “I was feeling really inspired to put together a shoot to show how amazing it is when brides choose a studio to do their bridals in…so classic and clean. I absolutely loved putting this together and the vendors I was able to have work with me. Think Brink Beauty absolutely perfected the ‘romantic’ look of the hair and makeup. Remi + Gold ABSOLUTELY amazed me with the choice of flowers after I gave her a little bit of inspo. And Unbridaled was so great to work with…even during the pandemic!”

Still on the hunt for more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite Austin wedding vendors here or some seriously stunning local styled shoots here! Cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Brides of Austin Team!

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happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Brides of Austin! As we power through production of the Spring/Summer 2021 issue, we truly have so much to be thankful for! We’ve been working with the most amazing brides to share their weddings in the upcoming issue. We’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with the most talented wedding pros in ATX to share dozens of inspiring editorials (just you wait and see!). In just a few short weeks, the glossy pages that we’ve poured our hearts into will hit the newsstand, and we can’t wait to share it with you all! Wishing you a wonderful and safe holiday! XO

Austin Wedding Florals Guide | All the Info for Booking Your Blooms

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You’ve got the ring, a venue booked, a photographer picked out, a planner hired, checking big things off the list – it’s time to start thinking about your Austin wedding florals! We’ve got the 411 on booking your blooms: everything you’ll need to know about when to book, where to look, and important things you’ll want to consider when thinking about flowers for your wedding. Let’s get started!

Austin Wedding Florals Guide

Florals: Touch of Whimsy // Photo: Janeane Marie Photography

When to book your florist

In the past, it was more common for florists to work on more than one wedding per day, but today, with florals being a huge part of a wedding’s design and blooms being so integral and time-intensive, many florists only book one wedding per day, which means you don’t want to wait! You’ll need to have a date set and ideally a venue (having your planner booked is also helpful), but 9-10 months out from your date is ideal, especially considering your florist will likely need to order your flowers wholesale and needs ample time to place those orders. If you’re planning on getting married during “busy season” (June-October), you’ll want to book your florist even further in advance (12-15 months). Don’t wait!

Who to book for your wedding florals

This all depends on your vision. Take a look at several local florists’ work and decide which styles you’re drawn to most. Do you like tall, formal arrangements? Loose, organic and freeform bouquets featuring unique blooms? Monochromatic? Colorful? Whimsical? Nailing down your personal style and knowing which florists specialize in that style can help you know who to reach out to. From there, inquire on their website and be prepared to tell them your floral budget. As a rule of thumb, devoting 10% of your overall wedding budget to florals is common, but if you want to go all out with florals, go for it! Or if minimal blooms is more your thing, that’s ok, too – it’s just important to be up front with your florist about your desires.

Communicating your vision to your florist

Speaking of your desires, how do you communicate your vision to your florist? A mood board can help! Before your initial meeting with your florist, use Pinterest or gather photos of elements that FEEL like your ideal wedding. These photos don’t have to be just of blooms! Let fashion (wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses) inspire you, let color swatches inspire you, let photos of gorgeous venues inspire you. Photos can help communicate your vision well when you don’t necessarily have the words to describe precisely what you’re wanting.

That said, if you don’t have a specific vision for your wedding florals, it’s important to have an open mind and let your florist take the creative reigns! That’s why you’re hiring this person: for their talent, expertise and creativity! Give them a starting point plus the freedom to create something uniquely beautiful and you’ll be amazed.

Remember, certain flowers are only in season during certain times of year, so if you had a certain bloom in mind, it may not work for your wedding date. Let your florist make suggestions for alternatives and trust their expertise!

Hiring a planner-florist versus florist only

It’s common these days for wedding planners to also double as florists and vice versa. Floral design and overall wedding design go hand-in-hand, and many of these vendors have incredible expertise in not only designing and planning the blooms, but the whole bash, too! Because floral design is such a large part of the event design, you’ll want to make sure your planner (who should be one of your very first, if not the first, hires you make) and florist are comfortable working together if you do book two separate vendors for these tasks.

Hint: Many times, companies that specialize in both floral design and wedding planning will have “events”, “event planning” and/or “design” in their company name. That’s often a clue as to who can do both!

Where to spend and where to save on wedding florals

Before hiring a florist for your wedding, you’ll want to ask a few helpful questions. Do they have a minimum spend you’ll need to meet? Do they have a separate delivery charge? What’s the latest you’ll be able to make changes to your order? After these questions have been answered, you and your florist should be able to have a much clearer picture of the total amount you’ll be spending.

At the very minimum, you’ll want to invest in bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, boutonnieres, corsages and perhaps an accent piece for the altar. Beyond that, you’ll be looking at table centerpieces, a large floral install for your altar area, accent pieces for various parts of the venue, blooms for the cake and cake table, floral walls, hanging florals and more! The options are truly endless when it comes to the ways florals can make a visual impact.

If florals are top-priority for your wedding, be prepared to spend upwards of 10% of your overall budget on blooms. Remember that larger installs also require more labor – often a team, not just one person – and will affect the price you pay. If you’re looking to save money when it comes to florals, you’ll need to scale down on size and intricacy. You can also save by using blooms that are in-season and more commonly grown/easy to order.

Curious about using fake flowers to cut down on costs? This is certainly an option, but keep in mind the high quality faux flowers that will make someone look twice to figure out if they’re real, are often more expensive than the real flowers themselves!

Floral trends to watch

Floating florals – coming down from the ceiling, seem to float above your tables in mid-air, hanging floral installs are guaranteed to make jaws drop!

Dried florals – becoming more and more popular, especially for brides with a boho style, dried florals make a unique statement and can be used in tons of different ways.

Immersive installations + photo backdrops – think full-size tunnel walkthroughs, arches and walls, immersive installations allow your guests to experience the flowers, rather than just look at them!

Bold, joyful colors – with everything going on this year, brides are looking to express joyful, exuberant, bold and colorful vibes to share an optimistic vibe for their long-awaited celebrations.

Urns and pots – the classic and traditional urn is getting a makeover, being used with statement florals but in less stuffy ways, and potted plants allow for reusable decor pieces once the day has come and gone.

Sustainable florals – it’s not just a buzzword. Sustainable practices in the wedding industry are becoming standard, and even more so within florals! Foam-free floral design, locally harvested blooms and recycling efforts are just a few ways wedding florists are making sure their practices are more eco-friendly.

Ready to get your blooms on the books? Let us recommend a fabulously talented Austin wedding florist to make your floral dreams come true!

Wedding Hair and Makeup 101: What to Know Before Booking Your Beauty Team

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When your wedding day arrives, you want to not only feel beautiful, but look your very best, too! That’s why it’s important to find a professional wedding hair and makeup team you trust to help make sure you look incredible. Most beauty teams offer both hair AND makeup, while others specialize in one or the other. Regardless of whether you book them separately or together, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind!

Wedding Hair and Makeup 101: What to Know Before Booking Your Beauty Team

Hair + Makeup: flAir Style Lounge // Photo: Julie Wilhite Photography

When to book wedding hair and makeup

If you have your heart set on a certain hairstylist or makeup artist, it’s never too early to reserve your date! Many artists book out a year in advance. Beauty companies with several stylists on their team can often accommodate multiple weddings per date, so depending on who you’re booking, you could book 3-6 months out from your big day. We don’t recommend cutting it too close, though – have someone booked by 3 months out!

What to consider when choosing a bridal hairstyle and makeup look

  • Hair length and texture – certain hairstyles work best on longer hair, fine hair or hair that holds curl extremely well, while others are best for thick or textured hair. Your stylist can help determine if the style you’re considering is realistic for your hair type.
  • Dancing – do you plan to dance the night away and get crazy on the dance floor? You’ll want a hairstyle that can withstand those moves!
  • The weather – are you having an outdoor ceremony with potential for wind or humidity? Keep that in mind when thinking about your bridal look.
  • Your dress – your hair and makeup look should not only compliment your natural beauty, but the style of your gown, as well! Whether you’re going for boho, glam or classic, you’ll want to have a cohesive aesthetic.

Trust your stylist(s) and ask for their advice when it comes to styles, color palettes and more. They’re the experts, and can offer insight you may not have considered!

Consider these details when it comes to wedding hair and makeup

  • What will your number of attendants be and who will be getting which services done? Don’t forget moms, grandmas, junior bridesmaids, house party attendants and flower girls.
  • Will you’ll want your bridesmaids to have half-up/down hairstyles or an updo? Updos often take longer and that time needs to be accounted for. some brides prefer their bridesmaids to have a uniform look when it comes to hair and makeup, others aren’t picky – either way is fine, you’ll just need to decide before it’s time to finalize hair and makeup plans and costs.
  • What time your ceremony will start and what time photos need to start? Your hair and makeup artists will need to know what time they’ll need to be finished by in order to calculate their start time.
  • If you don’t have access to your venue until a certain time and hair and makeup will need to start before then, you’ll need to have another location in mind for getting ready. A hotel is a common, convenient option – consider a home rental, too! They often offer much more space to move around natural window light than hotels, which also makes for beautiful photos!

Who pays for bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

Generally speaking, bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own hair and makeup, as long as they have the option to do their own. If you as the bride are requiring your bridesmaids and attendants to have their hair and makeup professionally done, it’s generally expected for you to cover the cost. Again, if you’re giving them the option to do their own hair and makeup OR have it professionally done, it’s acceptable within modern wedding etiquette to expect your attendants to pay for those services. That said, how much should you budget for wedding hair and makeup?

How much should I budget for wedding hair and makeup?

Beauty services will vary from region to region and company to company, but generally speaking, brides can expect to spend anywhere between $200 and $600 total on their wedding hair and makeup. If you’re wanting special services like airbrush makeup, false lashes or an intricate hairstyle, expect for that cost to be higher. Bridesmaids’ and other attendants’ hair and makeup costs are often slightly lower than the bride’s. Remember, you’re paying for your artists’ time, talent and product. And don’t forget you’ll need to tip for a job well done!

Do I really need to do a hair and makeup trial?

If a trial isn’t included within your bridal beauty booking, you’ll absolutely want to invest in both a hair and makeup trial so you can make sure your look is spot-on for the big day. You may discover that the hairstyle you had in mind doesn’t work as well as you thought with your particular hair type – or maybe the makeup color palette you were considering doesn’t look quite like you expected. This is the time to be honest with your stylist(s) – speak up if there’s something you don’t like! The trial is the perfect time to make adjustments or to go in another direction if you don’t feel comfortable with the look.

Pro tip: many brides have their stylists coordinate with their photographer so their hair and makeup trial can take place on the same day as their bridal session!

Ready to get wedding hair and makeup on the books? Peruse our recommendations for ATX beauty teams ready to rock your big day!

Magnolias and Baby’s Breath Set This Chic Southern Wedding Apart

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Everyone loves a chic southern wedding, but with magnolias and modern touches, Pearl Events Austin helped set Emily and David’s celebration apart from the rest! Premiere Events brought the southern glam with linens, cocktail tables and classic chairs to create a timeless atmosphere, while Bouquets of Austin transformed Mattie’s venue into an incredible, floral-filled scene with everything from giant baby’s breath lining the aisle, to anemones for a classic black and white touch, to magnolia garlands adorning the roofline of the tents and reception space. All the bright, neutral floral elements worked seamlessly to add depth and texture, all while keeping the vibe inviting. Captured with classic imagery by Sophie Epton and PhotoHouse Films, this Austin chic southern wedding full of modern touches is truly one-of-a-kind!

Photos // Sophie Epton Photography

Video // PhotoHouse Films

From the planner, Megan Bronner of Pearl Events Austin: “Emily and David had the perfect fall wedding that was chic and timeless with modern touches. We wanted to create a space that was just like their home, with more traditional lounges and modern elements to merge their styles. At the ceremony, Emily arrived in a vintage car with her dad, and the only thing that might have stolen the show more than how beautiful she was, was their adorable pup Perla! The baby’s breath aisle was such a beautiful accent to the already beautiful Mattie’s space.”

From the florist, Stephanie with Bouquets of Austin: “Emily had a very specific vision that we were delighted to execute – she loved baby’s breath – so we decided to create an exquisite ceremony featuring an abundance of it in the aisle, the deconstructed arbor and the wreaths on the door! We were so excited when she chose the black and white color scheme; the anemone’s became the featured bloom for her bouquet and allowed us to showcase a variety of other white blooms throughout the reception design while adding in strategic placements of black in the vessels for the centerpieces, the black taper candles and the black columns and urns all featuring white flowers. Although black and white, she wanted it to have a little personality along the way!”