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Wedding Hair and Makeup 101: What to Know Before Booking Your Beauty Team

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When your wedding day arrives, you want to not only feel beautiful, but look your very best, too! That’s why it’s important to find a professional wedding hair and makeup team you trust to help make sure you look incredible. Most beauty teams offer both hair AND makeup, while others specialize in one or the other. Regardless of whether you book them separately or together, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind!

Wedding Hair and Makeup 101: What to Know Before Booking Your Beauty Team

Hair + Makeup: flAir Style Lounge // Photo: Julie Wilhite Photography

When to book wedding hair and makeup

If you have your heart set on a certain hairstylist or makeup artist, it’s never too early to reserve your date! Many artists book out a year in advance. Beauty companies with several stylists on their team can often accommodate multiple weddings per date, so depending on who you’re booking, you could book 3-6 months out from your big day. We don’t recommend cutting it too close, though – have someone booked by 3 months out!

What to consider when choosing a bridal hairstyle and makeup look

  • Hair length and texture – certain hairstyles work best on longer hair, fine hair or hair that holds curl extremely well, while others are best for thick or textured hair. Your stylist can help determine if the style you’re considering is realistic for your hair type.
  • Dancing – do you plan to dance the night away and get crazy on the dance floor? You’ll want a hairstyle that can withstand those moves!
  • The weather – are you having an outdoor ceremony with potential for wind or humidity? Keep that in mind when thinking about your bridal look.
  • Your dress – your hair and makeup look should not only compliment your natural beauty, but the style of your gown, as well! Whether you’re going for boho, glam or classic, you’ll want to have a cohesive aesthetic.

Trust your stylist(s) and ask for their advice when it comes to styles, color palettes and more. They’re the experts, and can offer insight you may not have considered!

Consider these details when it comes to wedding hair and makeup

  • What will your number of attendants be and who will be getting which services done? Don’t forget moms, grandmas, junior bridesmaids, house party attendants and flower girls.
  • Will you’ll want your bridesmaids to have half-up/down hairstyles or an updo? Updos often take longer and that time needs to be accounted for. some brides prefer their bridesmaids to have a uniform look when it comes to hair and makeup, others aren’t picky – either way is fine, you’ll just need to decide before it’s time to finalize hair and makeup plans and costs.
  • What time your ceremony will start and what time photos need to start? Your hair and makeup artists will need to know what time they’ll need to be finished by in order to calculate their start time.
  • If you don’t have access to your venue until a certain time and hair and makeup will need to start before then, you’ll need to have another location in mind for getting ready. A hotel is a common, convenient option – consider a home rental, too! They often offer much more space to move around natural window light than hotels, which also makes for beautiful photos!

Who pays for bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

Generally speaking, bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own hair and makeup, as long as they have the option to do their own. If you as the bride are requiring your bridesmaids and attendants to have their hair and makeup professionally done, it’s generally expected for you to cover the cost. Again, if you’re giving them the option to do their own hair and makeup OR have it professionally done, it’s acceptable within modern wedding etiquette to expect your attendants to pay for those services. That said, how much should you budget for wedding hair and makeup?

How much should I budget for wedding hair and makeup?

Beauty services will vary from region to region and company to company, but generally speaking, brides can expect to spend anywhere between $200 and $600 total on their wedding hair and makeup. If you’re wanting special services like airbrush makeup, false lashes or an intricate hairstyle, expect for that cost to be higher. Bridesmaids’ and other attendants’ hair and makeup costs are often slightly lower than the bride’s. Remember, you’re paying for your artists’ time, talent and product. And don’t forget you’ll need to tip for a job well done!

Do I really need to do a hair and makeup trial?

If a trial isn’t included within your bridal beauty booking, you’ll absolutely want to invest in both a hair and makeup trial so you can make sure your look is spot-on for the big day. You may discover that the hairstyle you had in mind doesn’t work as well as you thought with your particular hair type – or maybe the makeup color palette you were considering doesn’t look quite like you expected. This is the time to be honest with your stylist(s) – speak up if there’s something you don’t like! The trial is the perfect time to make adjustments or to go in another direction if you don’t feel comfortable with the look.

Pro tip: many brides have their stylists coordinate with their photographer so their hair and makeup trial can take place on the same day as their bridal session!

Ready to get wedding hair and makeup on the books? Peruse our recommendations for ATX beauty teams ready to rock your big day!

Magnolias and Baby’s Breath Set This Chic Southern Wedding Apart

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Everyone loves a chic southern wedding, but with magnolias and modern touches, Pearl Events Austin helped set Emily and David’s celebration apart from the rest! Premiere Events brought the southern glam with linens, cocktail tables and classic chairs to create a timeless atmosphere, while Bouquets of Austin transformed Mattie’s venue into an incredible, floral-filled scene with everything from giant baby’s breath lining the aisle, to anemones for a classic black and white touch, to magnolia garlands adorning the roofline of the tents and reception space. All the bright, neutral floral elements worked seamlessly to add depth and texture, all while keeping the vibe inviting. Captured with classic imagery by Sophie Epton and PhotoHouse Films, this Austin chic southern wedding full of modern touches is truly one-of-a-kind!

Photos // Sophie Epton Photography

Video // PhotoHouse Films

From the planner, Megan Bronner of Pearl Events Austin: “Emily and David had the perfect fall wedding that was chic and timeless with modern touches. We wanted to create a space that was just like their home, with more traditional lounges and modern elements to merge their styles. At the ceremony, Emily arrived in a vintage car with her dad, and the only thing that might have stolen the show more than how beautiful she was, was their adorable pup Perla! The baby’s breath aisle was such a beautiful accent to the already beautiful Mattie’s space.”

From the florist, Stephanie with Bouquets of Austin: “Emily had a very specific vision that we were delighted to execute – she loved baby’s breath – so we decided to create an exquisite ceremony featuring an abundance of it in the aisle, the deconstructed arbor and the wreaths on the door! We were so excited when she chose the black and white color scheme; the anemone’s became the featured bloom for her bouquet and allowed us to showcase a variety of other white blooms throughout the reception design while adding in strategic placements of black in the vessels for the centerpieces, the black taper candles and the black columns and urns all featuring white flowers. Although black and white, she wanted it to have a little personality along the way!”

Tips & Tricks for Sending Out Your Thank You Cards (Plus Our Faves!)

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We understand writing notes after your wedding can be a daunting and tedious task, but we can assure you that it isn’t as difficult or as boring as it may seem. A well written thank you note shows your guests a small token of your appreciation. This small gesture goes a long way – trust us. Writing these letters can also be fun if you incorporate fun stationary, a pretty pen with colorful ink, or even add your own personal touch with playful stickers. Plus, once you get these letters written and give yourself a check off the big to-do, we can guarantee you are going to feel less stressed, accomplished and most importantly, happy! We have collected a variety of beautiful thank you cards to help you with the task at hand. We have collected a variety of beautiful thank you cards to help you with the task at hand on our Amazon shop under Paperie! Grab a pen and take note because we have a lot to cover!

thank you cards

1. Hallmark Signature Gold Cards | 2. Assorted Painted Floral Cards | 3. Geo Modern Faux Foil Cards | 4. Bride Squad Ring Shaped Cards | 5. Sprout + Bloom Watercolor Floral Cards | 6. Riley’s Gold Foil Thank You Cards | 7. Papyrus Cards | 8. Elum Designs Letterpress Card Set | 9. Black and White Assorted Cards

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When to Send Thank You Notes

With all the festivities of your wedding coming to an end, it is important to send a thank you correspondence shortly following. Thank you notes sent months after the celebration is both impolite and not proper etiquette. For any gifts received before your wedding day, it is polite to send a note within two weeks of the gift’s arrival. Any gifts received on or after your wedding should be sent out within three months. By following this guideline, all your thank you notes will be sent out stress free and on-time!

What to Write in a Thank You Note

First and foremost, all thank you notes following your wedding should be handwritten per tradition. A handwritten note shows your guests you are thankful for them and that you personally took the time to express your gratitude. Secondly, when it comes to writing a note, there are a few things all of you are going to want to include. This includes expressing your appreciation for the gift or suggesting how you are going to spend the money they sent. If given money, make sure to include the amount in your note. or if given a gift, be specific with what they gave you. Thank them for the waffle irons, serving platters, endless champagne flutes, etc.! Also, it is polite to even write to the guests that didn’t send you a gift. Thank them for coming to the wedding and express how meaningful it was they were a part of your special day! Keep your notes short and sweet! It’s really that easy!

Pick Stationary that Matches Your Wedding Theme

When it came to planning your wedding, we are confident you selected a theme, color palette or a signature detail to incorporate throughout your big day! Just be sure to carry this theme over into the stationary you choose for writing all your thank you notes! Why not, ask your invitation designer to create thank you cards that coordinate with your original paperie! If you had a garden party soiree, try picking stationary that features floral illustration or colors that follow suit. Or if you did a butterfly-inspired celebration, find stationary that highlights that unique detail. The options are endless.

If you have room in your budget, consider ordering custom stationary with your new monogram. There are some incredible local shops that have custom monogram paper products available. If you are working with a tight budget, we have collected a variety of styles for any theme in our Amazon shop.

Make it a Team Effort

No matter if your wedding is large or intimate, there are going to be a lot of thank you notes that need to be addressed and written. Plus, if you are following our guidelines above, you are going to want to get your cards out in a timely manner. Our biggest advice is don’t be afraid to share the work with your partner. Divvy up the notes based on who knows which guests better! By doing this, it allows you to work together and not over burden one or the other with this important task. You can make it fun, too, by playing music or even rewarding yourself by planning a fun date for the both of you to go on once all the notes are complete. Trust us, it doesn’t have to be all boring!

Check out our full list of thank you card faves on our Amazon shop here!

Wedding Invitations 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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Is there anything as beautiful as well-designed wedding invitations? It’s a perfect little preview of your special day that can whet the appetite of your guests and let them know what they can expect on the big day.

You’re planning the wedding of your dreams — now it’s time to talk about the wedding invitations. (Because you’re going to want someone there to witness this romantic celebration.) Nothing can trip engaged couples up quicker than invitation etiquette. When do we send save the dates? Do we list our registry? Should we use a calligrapher to address the envelopes? From timelines and etiquette to finding the perfect wedding stationers and calligraphers, we’ve got answers to all your wedding invitation questions right here!

wedding invitations 101

Photo // Design to Flourish, Feather and TwineAndria Leigh Events,


Wedding invitations have come a long way. In the 1400s they were typically sent out by the town crier, and that meant everyone was invited. However, the nobility could afford invitations hand-crafted by monks skilled in the art of calligraphy. A few hundred years (and major technological inventions) later and every couple can send wedding invitations out like royalty. (You get hand-lettering and you get hand-lettering!) And thanks to the post office you can keep your guest list as limited as you want.

Let’s cover some basic terminology to keep you in-the-know as you start your wedding invitation journey.

Stationer: A person or store selling paper, pens, and other writing materials. This is a common term when referring to where to find your wedding stationery.

Wedding Invitation Designer: A graphic designer that will create a custom or semi-custom invitation set for your wedding.

Calligrapher: A person who uses special tools and ink to create ornamental writing in a range of fonts and styles. They can tackle any wedding project from addressing envelopes to custom signage.

Semi-Custom: This term refers to a design that has already been created and you have the option to add small custom touches such as color, personalization, and printing style.

Custom: This term refers to a fully-customized wedding invitation set including original design and print style.

Bespoke: This is similar to custom, with a focus on heirloom qualities.

Wedding Invitation Suite: This includes your save the dates, wedding invitations, detail card, RSVP, and can often include programs and more depending on where you purchase this.


Save the Date

This is card includes the couple’s name, the wedding location, and the wedding date with the statement, “Formal invitation to follow.”  In some cases, couples include their wedding website information, so guests can gather more details about accommodations, venue, and registry.

When to Order: 1-3 months ahead of sending them.

When to Send: (Destination) 8-12 months (Local) 4-10 months before the wedding date.

Average Cost: $150-$1,200+

Wedding Invitation

Today, etiquette is much more flexible on what content to include in an invitation. Traditionally you will include who is hosting, the couple’s name, the wedding date, time, venue name, location, dress code, and if reception is to follow.

When to Order: An average of 6 months ahead of sending them.

When to Send: (Destination) 3 months (Local) 6-8 weeks before the wedding date.

Average Cost: $400 -$2,500+

Note: This average cost range includes suites with and without the other elements listed below.


Response Card or RSVP

This can be a traditional card or postcard and is used to have the guests indicate their response to your invitation as well as marking any preferences for food and anything else you’ve asked them. Remember, it’s proper etiquette to pre-stamp these response cards for your guests.

When to Order: An average of 6 months ahead of sending them.

When to Send: This is sent with the invitation.

Deadline for Return: 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. Remember, you need this total to tell the final count to finalize the seating chart and give a headcount to the caterer. It’s perfectly okay to contact guests who haven’t RSVP’d by the deadline.


Enclosure or Details Card

This is where all the other information can be placed and is entirely up to the specifics of your event. For example, if you didn’t have save-the-dates, this is where you can put your wedding website information. It’s always worth noting here that it is never proper etiquette to list your registry on your wedding invitation suite. You can, however, add it to your wedding website. You can also put dress code information here if it didn’t fit on the invitation.

When to Order: An average of 6 months ahead of sending them.

When to Send: This is sent with the invitation.


Map and/or Direction Information Card

Depending on the type of venue or style of wedding, maps and directions are often best included as their own piece of the wedding invitation suite. Many couples opt for custom maps to add fun details about their hometown or destination wedding with tips on places to visit.

When to Order: An average of 6 months ahead of sending them.

When to send: This is sent with the invitation.


It is considered mandatory to include the invitation, directions, response card, and envelope as well as mailing envelope and postage.

Optional elements include reception cards, accommodations cards, or weekend schedule cards.

invitation etiquette


When should I order my wedding invitations?

The answer varies depending on your specific event, but a good rule of thumb is 6 months ahead of your wedding date. A good window of time is 4-9 months, but try to stay within that window. Here’s why. This allows time to get on the vendor’s project list, it allows for any delays or mixups as well as allowing time to add the embellishments and calligraphy for addressing the envelopes. Essentially, most couples have more than one vendor touching their wedding invitations, so you want to give as much time as possible to give each vendor ample time to work on them and still get them mailed in time to your guests.

Try to order your wedding paper with the same company so you can get the benefit in pricing as well as project priority.


How do I choose my wedding invitation design?

It’s important to know your wedding style ahead of time. Will it be formal or casual? Will it be modern or boho? Next, you want to know your colors. This is where it is helpful to have your wedding planner selected first because they will help you create your color scheme and mood boards to use as a guide throughout the selection process. If you will be working with a local vendor on custom or semi-custom invitations, they will also be able to help you make this selection. A wedding invitation should be a preview of what guests can expect at your wedding celebration. That’s the best guide to keep in mind as you select your wedding invitations.


How do I choose a calligrapher for my wedding invitation envelopes?

First, you’ve made a great choice going with a calligrapher! Hand-lettered envelopes just add such a beautiful, personal touch and make such a beautiful keepsake. Second, we recommend going local to save time and make it all the more convenient for getting them the invitations to address. You can find local calligraphers on our vendor page here. Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to see previous work and learn more about them. If you find a calligrapher you like, but want to see if they can do a unique style that you have in mind, create a little Pinterest board with samples that you can share with them.



  • Have a pro address your envelopes. It’s more personal.
  • Reduce your invitation count, by checking your list. Couples only need one invitation, families get one invitation, however, children who no longer live at home should get their own invitation.
  • Be sure to add a stamp to any items you want to be returned such as the reply cards. (Double-check that you have the correct postage because it can change. It’s also good to check so that you don’t overpay. While you’re sending out a large envelope, the reply card is smaller and doesn’t need as much.)
  • Always order extra invitations. A good rule of thumb between 15-25 just in case you need to resend an invitation, something goes wrong while addressing them, you forget someone, or just for a keepsake.

You’re ready to find the wedding invitations of your dreams! Head to our local vendors’ page for wedding invitations and calligraphy to find the best of the best to make your dream wedding a reality.

Seasonal Blooms: The Best Wedding Flowers for Every Season of the Year

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Ever wonder which flowers are in season in spring? Fall? Whatever season you’re getting married in, it’s helpful to know exactly which blooms are available at that time. We’ve seen time and time again when a couple has their hearts set on peonies, but their wedding date is in the fall when these special stems aren’t available. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite seasonal flowers and polled some of our favorite local wedding florists on what other flowers and colors would best complement these seasonal blooms. Read on!

seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Wildly Cultivated

What other flowers do foxgloves pair well with?

Foxgloves pair well with other spring blooms like sweet peas, garden roses, clematis and ranunculus and are an especially beautiful addition to garden-inspired arrangements.

What do you love about this bloom?

They are a favorite flower of mine because they always remind me of the European countryside and traditional cottage gardens. I also love to use them to bring height and movement to arrangements as the stems have a natural habit of dipping and bending. 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Foxgloves are at their peak from March to June.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Ivory, peach, light pink, lavender and magenta.

Photo: Elle Reaux Photography // Also pictured: Scavenged Vintage Rentals, The Barn at Swallows Eve


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Bouquets of Austin

What other flowers do peonies pair well with?

Considered a mass flower in design due to their round, full petals, peonies pair well with other blooms similar in shape such as roses, garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias and ranunculus.

What do you love about this bloom?

This is hands down one of our favorite blooms to incorporate into weddings due to its size, color range and fragrance. The peony is a showy bloom with multilayers of petals and can stand as a show-stopping element on its own. A bouquet designed using only one type of peony creates an understated elegance, while a room full of them will literally take your breath away with their beauty and fragrance.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Peonies are predominantly available in May and June but they do have a later fall season in November and December.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Peony color schemes consist of whites, blushes and shades of pinks which are truly a fan favorite amongst our classic, timeless brides. With that said, peonies can also feature a wide range of fun and unique colors like corals, burgundies and reds which make it a must have for our trendsetting brides!

Photo: Kelli Durham // Also pictured: Pearl Events Austin


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Malleret Designs

What other flowers do ranunculus pair well with?

This beautiful centerpiece with light pink ranunculus can be paired with peonies, spray roses, sweet peas, Queen Anne’s lace, eucalyptus and Italian ruscus.

What do you love about this bloom?

This is a beautiful delicate and elegant flower that adds a great texture and interest in any design. Super romantic for wedding bouquets and one of my favorites for groom boutonnieres.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

March is prime time!

What colors does this bloom come in?

There are so many colors and varieties, butterfly ranunculus, Clooney ranunculus. All colors from blush to bolds.

Photo: Honey Gem Creative // Also pictured: Hotel Ella, LoLa Beauty, Second Summer Bride


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Lavender & Lily

What other flowers does scabiosa well with?

I love to pair the flower with anemones, dahlias, roses or lisianthus for a romantic garden look. Other times, I’ll use the pods to bring in a fun textural element to my designs, like in this boho-inspired shoot.

What do you love about this bloom?

It’s so versatile! You can use the flower and the pod in wedding designs and get completely different looks. It’s also pretty hardy and long-lasting which allows them to hold up well in items like boutonnieres and flower crowns.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

It’s available year-round, but it usually looks the best in late spring and early summer. Scabiosa can be grown in central Texas, and I love getting it from local farms around this time.

What colors does this bloom come in?

White, pink, lavender, blue, maroon and dark purple, as well as light brown for the pods.

Photo: Nicole Ryan Photography // Also pictured: Party at the Moontower Rentals, Camino Real Ranch


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Flora Fetish

What other flowers does lisianthus well with?

They pair well with just about anything but definitely other soft fluffy textures like roses, spray roses and ranunculus, but as you can see from this bouquet, it goes with edgier, pointier textures like dahlias and proteas too. 

What do you love about this bloom?

We love that they come in so many textures, sizes and colors and so they are very versatile to work with. They come in single and double blooms and their ruffled edges are such a beautiful addition to almost any arrangement!

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Lisianthus are available year-round but early summer they are grown locally and they are GORGEOUS! 

What colors does this bloom come in?

They come in pretty much every color but blue!

Photo: April Mae Creative // Also pictured: Tracy Collins Events


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Whim Hospitality

What other flowers do dahlias pair well with?

Just as in the culinary world, dahlias pair with other flowers they love to grow next to! This includes Japanese Anemones, cosmos and zinnias to name a few.

What do you love about this bloom?

We love how full the blooms are, and how hearty their stems can be. It makes for a wide range of uses — everything from bridal bouquets to large installations. Like fingerprints, no two dahlias will ever look alike when they fully bloom.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

August is the month for dahlias. This is a florist favorite for its many shades and it is a flower variety that can be used in almost any style. Our favorite dahlia to use during August is named “Rock Run Ashley.”  It is the perfect blend of peach, pink and coral tones.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Being such a summertime bloom, dahlias come in all the colors you would expect from these warm months. Reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and different shades of purple is what you will find when you work with dahlias.

Photo: Jen Dillender // Also pictured: Camp Lucy


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season

FALL FAVES: Amaranthus

The Bloom Bar

What other flowers does amaranthus pair well with?

I love contrasting ruffled blooms like roses with the funky amaranthus to make it different. It also has a boho vibe that I think pairs well with palms and pampas. 

What do you love about this bloom?

Amaranthus is such a beautiful finishing touch on a bouquet that cascades beautifully and adds a cool texture. 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

It is at its best in summer to fall, but most wholesalers carry it year-round. 

What colors does this bloom come in?

Rust (my personal favorite!), wine and green.

Photo: Shannon Vandivier // Also pictured: Hotel Ella, Ashley Nicole Affair


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Reiley + Rose

What other flowers do zinnias pair well with?

The bold face and numerous petals of a zinnia help it pair well with so many florals. We have used it in more elegant settings such as weddings paired with beautiful garden roses and peonies, as well as for fun birthday events paired with fun colors and textured florals like crespidia, cockcomb and celosia! 

Why do you love this bloom?

SO many reasons – I love the fact that it is a great Texas-cut flower. Even right now in the heat of summer, zinnias are blooming so beautifully. They can withstand heat well, which in Texas is always so important. I love and find myself always attracted to florals with high petal counts. Adding in the button center brings a more fun and whimsical look to the flower. I also love all the many colors and shades it comes it! 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Here in Texas, we typically can find them from April to late October/early November.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Red, yellow, orange, coral, peach, multiple shades of pink from blush to hot pink and fuchsia.

Photo: Lauren Parr Photography // Also pictured: Beauty Concepts, Moonlight and Moss, Kosciusko Hall, Joyous 442


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Melony Rodwell

What other flowers do garden roses pair well with?

Garden roses add a classic and romantic feel that pairs beautifully with many other flowers and foliages. From traditional stems such as tulips, ranunculus and peonies to more trendy blooms such as protea or even succulents, you really can’t go wrong with adding garden roses to the mix. 

What do you love about this bloom?

We are continuously swept off our feet by the beauty and character of garden roses. Their large cup-shaped blooms have a high petal count offering a fluffy texture, a lush and romantic feel, and they smell amazing! 

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Luckily these beauties are available year-round, making them a great alternative to peonies during their off season.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Another big advantage of choosing garden roses is the abundance of color varieties available: pinks, whites, reds, wine tones, coral, peach, oranges and yellows to name a few.

Photo: Diana M. Lott Photography // Also pictured: Denise Vasquez Makeup, Schoenstatt Movement of Austin, The Whitt Experience


seasonal blooms, which wedding flowers for which season


Bella by Sara

What other flowers does sweet pea pair well with?

I love adding sweet peas into bouquets with delphinium, lisianthus and astilbe for a soft, delicate natural-look style centerpiece. It definitely adds texture and an organic feel to the overall design. They look spectacular together.

What do you love about this bloom?

Sweet peas are beautiful ruffled flowers. I am definitely in love with their delicate flowers, scents, pastel shades, fragrance and overall cottage garden style and romanticism. Plus, they flower profusely, making it easy to create a gorgeous floral bouquet design.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Sweet peas can be found late spring and throughout the fall months. This annual prefers cool weather, making it ideal for the fall, winter and early spring in warm climates.

What colors does this bloom come in?

They are available in several colors, including white, blue, purple, red and pink. Some sweet peas even feature beautiful bi-colored flowers. While some varieties only give off a subtle scent, most boast a full-bodied, sweet and sensuous perfume that is difficult to duplicate.

Photo: Joslyn Holtfort Photography

Now that you’re more in-the-know on what blooms are right for your wedding season, take a look at our full list of Austin wedding florists to find the right fit for your celebration!