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Mental Health & Wedding Planning: How to Ease Wedding Planning Stress

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Name one thing more stressful than planning a wedding during a global pandemic… we’ll wait. But in all seriousness, wedding planning can be tough no matter the month or year, and the mental stress can make what’s supposed to be the happiest time in your life a bit overwhelming. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week (October 4-10, 2020), we’ve created a guide to support all our couples who are tackling the endeavor. We’re kicking off a week of helpful topics with our list of how to ease wedding planning stress. Read on for our tips!

Mental Health & Wedding Planning: How to Ease Wedding Planning Stress

Photo // Janeane Marie Photography

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

While this is likely the least surprising suggestion on our list, we can’t deny the benefits of hiring a wedding planner! Beyond managing set-up and design of the wedding day, wedding planners go far beyond to offer couples additional support with tasks including managing your budget, keeping you on track with the planning timeline and managing proposals and legal contracts. They are also problem solving PROS, and are ultimately the men and women behind the scenes taking care of any little wedding day hiccups that come along so you are blissfully ignorant.

Read our reasons to hire a wedding planner post for more insight into their coordination efforts and value.

2. Delegate Tasks

Regardless of if you hire a wedding planner or not, do not be afraid to delegate tasks both leading up to and on the big day. Your friends and family are excited to celebrate you, and believe it or not, want to help you on your wedding day. Ask your bridesmaids to attend meetings when your spouse-to-be is unavailable, or have an envelope-stuffing party with your favorite people to get those invites out the door faster. Some wedding day tasks you may not have thought to delegate are:

  • Have someone in charge of getting food to any wedding party member or family member on location over meals before the wedding begins
  • Assign one person the task of getting your bags/stuff into your getaway car
  • Give a friend your phone to answer any calls from guests (i.e. getting lost, etc.) so you’re not distracted while getting ready
  • If you’re planting signage or balloons to direct your guests, ask a guest with a car to set it out at the beginning of the day

3. Invest in a Physical Planner

We’re talking about the other kind of planner – an agenda! This might seem old-school, but having one single place to keep track of your planning notes, meeting times and deadlines will prove so crucial! We suggest investing in a planner with lined space outside of the calendar to take notes and pockets to collect receipts and paperwork from vendors. If you’re more of a digital planner, make sure you’re taking advantage or an app or site that can collect ALL the details and dates – we love the Google apps and Microsoft OneNote – bonus points if you can connect your spouse-to-be!

4. Take Time for You (and your Partner)

While it may sound cheesy, your wedding day truly is all about you and your partner. Nothing can be more stress relieving that making space for yourselves. Carve out time for date night (yes, add it to the calendar in advance!) and schedule non-planning or non-wedding talk times just like you would social-free times. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest a little “me time” for yourself. Book monthly facials or massages or plan regular brunch dates with your girlfriends – whatever gets you relaxed and gives you a mental break from wedding planning.

5. Keep Your Inspo Organized

We can’t imagine needing to encourage and bride or groom planning to save their wedding inspo… if you’re anything like us, you were saving ideas long before a proposal (wink wink). But it is important to keep your inspiration organized. Whether you prefer using Pinterest boards or Instagram collections, having one location to house all your wedding inspo with be a live saver as you begin to meet with wedding vendors. Go one step further and create boards inside boards (a file system, if you will) for the different wedding elements – flowers, cake, altar, etc. Have any vendors who need access to your inspiration? Create a shared Pinterest board for your planner or florist to access as they design your day.

6. Get Your Fiancé Involved in the Planning

Definitely DO get your fiancé involved in the wedding planning. They’ve got your back from here on out, and likely don’t want to see you stress out over the planning as much as you don’t want to! Get an idea of what they want from the wedding day (whether it be having a certain treat on the dessert bar or what the reception vibe will be) early on and let them assist in those to-dos OR give them one role to focus on, whichever is best for their personality. And remember, inviting your guy/gal to the most important meetings and including him/her in decisions is key to reminding them this day is BOTH of yours, not just the bride’s.

If you’ve got a partner who’s not into the wedding planning, read our guide for how to get your significant other involved in the process for ideas they will actually be on board with! Planning with an apathetic fiancé can be tough, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to get your mom or best girl friends in on all the fun.

Stay tuned for more mental health positive posts this week!

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

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Planning your own wedding is an admirable feat, but for some, it sounds less than ideal, overwhelming or just not feasible due to distance, work or other obligations. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, but hiring a wedding planner could also turn your big day into something better than ever before! There are so many great things about having a coordinator by your side every step of the way while planning your wedding. We asked five Austin wedding planners why you absolutely need a planner or coordinator on your big day and they gave us all the inside scoop! Read on to hear what these wedding pros had to say about just why you should hire a planner to bring your dream wedding vision to life.

wedding planner

1. Bring Your Dream Wedding Design and Vision to Life

From Lauren Field Design

How does Lauren Field Design help bring a couple’s dream wedding design and vision to life?

We are a design-forward wedding planning studio that truly connects with our couples on a personal level that allows us to create highly curated experiences. We invest a lot of time upfront understanding who our couples are with questionnaires and a design kick-off where we inspire our clients to embrace their individuality. For inspiration, we travel often, attend fashion events and explore the architecture found in the cities we are fortunate to style weddings in. We rely on our trained industry backgrounds to successfully implement a well-balanced event grounded in organization, communication and personalization.

How is this helpful to your couples?

It is helpful to show that we are invested in them just as much as they are invested in us and that someone is acting on their behalf throughout the entire wedding process. We want to be their voice and bring a unique perspective to their vision. Our drive to stay at the forefront of design, coupled with our type-A planning personalities gives our couples the best of both worlds.

Any additional insight you’d like to share in regards to working with a couple on their design and execution?

We are visual storytellers. We are just as excited for your big day as you are! We work diligently to provide you with a well rounded design concept and the proper execution to back it up. As much as it is about logistics, we do want you to have fun! We seek to collaborate with you and a series of hand-selected vendors to achieve the aesthetic and experience you have dreamt about. The wedding is only a short span in your love story, so we work alongside your vendor team to ensure every part of your story is captured for years to come.


Featured Photo: Rachel Owens Photography // Also Pictured: The Woodbine Mansion, Premiere Events, Sprout Floral and Event Design, Peerless Events and Tents


wedding planner

2. Keep You on Track with To-Do Lists

From Lovely Day Events

How do you keep a couple on track with to-do lists?

My job is to understand my couple’s needs, personalities and life situations, so I can help them accomplish their goals with as little stress as possible. I’ve found that to-do lists can be really productive for some clients while being extremely overwhelming for others. All Lovely Day couples will have deadlines and to-do lists, however, we try to find the right approach with each couple in order to successfully tackle everything on the list. 

Some couples thrive on structure, organization and absolutely L-O-V-E a good list. Their items tend to be completed before, or right at the deadline. Our structured to-do list along with the accompanying resources and information is exactly what they need to keep them on track. Other couples are great at seeing the big picture and overall vision of their wedding but feel stressed when looking at the large, year-long list. For these clients, I pull the time-sensitive “do’s” out of the year-long list and put them into a smaller, more focused list. We discuss realistic deadlines for each item and I follow up with all to-do items during our regularly scheduled meetings. Some clients are in extremely busy seasons of life (grad school, career, etc) and appreciate email reminders with upcoming due dates for important deadlines. 

How to stay on top of your to-do list:

    1. I break down checklists month by month as opposed to category. This helps me see where we should be in the planning process.
    2. Try to knock out all your important tasks before moving onto the next month. 
    3. Schedule a time each week to visit your overall to-do list. Remove any items that aren’t pertinent to your planning and that have been completed. Highlight time-sensitive items and schedule out time to tackle your tasks. 
    4. Take a break! It’s important to step away from planning, so you can regroup, and be ready to tackle your steps.

Featured Photo: Day 7 Photography // Also Pictured: Ma Maison, Whim Hospitality, The Flower Girl


wedding planner

3. Manage Your Budget

From Kristin Catter Events

How does Kristin Catter Events help a couple manage their budget?

The first thing we do with our full-service clients is sit down for a budget meeting. We encourage doing this before booking a venue. This meeting is so important to us for several reasons. First, we want to get to know our couples and figure out what is most important to them on their day. This is going to help us figure out how to best allocate funds in each category. Second, we want this meeting to serve as an education for the logistics and cost that go into making their vision happen. Every venue has its own list of requirements and rules that go into an event. Understanding these, helps the clients then understand the costs associated down the road as we meet and book vendors. We break down what details we could modify to help stay within their budget for the wedding. Our overall goal is for every couple to confidently be able to say that their wedding day was everything they dreamed of, and on a nitty-gritty note, that they didn’t break the bank to get there.

How does budget management benefit couples?

Aside from not letting your emotions get away from you, budget management is important because marriage is the start of a new life together as a united front. A lot of couples say they learn a lot about each other during the process of planning a wedding, especially with organizational skills and frugality. Managing your budget is just as much in place for your bank account, as it is for you and your fiancé’s sanity.  Our budget serves as the guide for booking all vendors. We allocate specific funds to each and every category, and as we book vendors we update these numbers. If we go over or under in one category, we know we have to make that up in another category. By tracking it all, we are holding our clients accountable for their spending. We want them to see this breakdown as simplified as possible.

Any additional insight you’d like to share in regards to working within a budget?

We always tell our couples, “Your budget is the map to the entire planning process.” You wouldn’t take off on a cross country road trip without your navigation system, without Google Maps. The planning process is the exact same way. We want to put that guide in place from day one. Our clients enjoy the planning process so much more with an organized and clear plan of action.

Featured Photo: SMS Photography // Also Pictured: Horseshoe Bay ResortBouquets of Austin, Marquee Event Rentals


wedding planner

4. Remove Unnecessary Stress

From Touch of Whimsy

How does Touch of Whimsy take the stress off of their couples during the wedding planning process?

For our full-service clients, we take our service to the next level. We do all the hard behind-the-scenes work for you. First, we start by assessing your needs, vision and spending plan. We use this information to select three vendors in every category to choose from.

Why is that so helpful to your couples?

I’m an economics fanatic and love playing with numbers. I will help you stay on track and within your spending plan to eliminate the stress of overpaying for the wedding. There is nothing more stressful than being one month away from the big day with a large stack of bills piling up.

Featured Photo: Laura Stiles Photo // Also Pictured: Bella Bride Boutique, Madame Makeup On Location, Gruene Estate


wedding planner

5. Timeline Professionals

From Heavenly Weddings

How can Heavenly Weddings help with timelines throughout the planning and day-of process?

As your planner, we know so much is involved in the planning process and there are so many moving parts. We send all our couples a timeline sheet which is super important to have when planning a wedding. The sheet has vital information for what to do along the way, and of course, we create an ultimate timeline for the wedding day! 

Why are these timelines so important for couples?

Timing is everything. The more detail the better!

What are some key elements of a couple’s timeline that can be sometimes easily overlooked by those who try to plan on their own?

Each wedding is so unique. Couples that decide to not book a planner may try to copy a timeline offline which is not custom to their special day. I ALWAYS put on my timelines what time sunset is. Couples may think they have plenty of time for photos when that may not be the case. They may forget to allow some rest time before the ceremony which is such an important time too.

Featured Photo: BearMoose&Fox // Also Pictured: Rosetree Floral Design, Action Rental Center, Old Bethany

Find the right Austin wedding planner for you here or browse our full variety of Austin wedding vendors here. Cheers!

What’s Not to Love About This Cheerful Citrus Style?

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If a bright, happy and cheerful soirée sounds right up your alley, you’re going to want to scroll through this citrus style editorial for ALL the dreamy and delightful ideas you could ask for. Austin wedding planner and stylist extraordinaire Ellen Westcott of Westcott Weddings worked with the powerhouse floral team at Remi + Gold to bring this summery-toned scene to life at Mae’s Ridge, but they want brides to know – citrus can work in any season! With the right eye for design, there are ways to incorporate bright fruits and florals into your wedding design no matter the time of year. Fine Day Press designed stationery to perfectly complement the editorial’s aesthetic, while 2Tarts Bakery added the happiest little yellow cake and a charcuterie-style dessert board to the mix. With classic images by Kristin La Voie Photography capturing all the angles and details, we just can’t get enough of the joy this citrus style wedding inspo brings!

Photos // Kristin La Voie Photography

From the planner, Ellen Westcott of Westcott Weddings: “I love the pop of bright, happy and fresh colors that citrus brings to a palette and wanted to design something sophisticated and whimsical that highlights all of those beautiful spring and summer tones. Those colors were translated into the happiest, citrus-inspired florals. I wanted the flowers and paper goods to sing, so I kept everything else neutral. The stunning cake was adorned with candied orange slices, mini citrus touches and beautiful sugar flowers. All of my dessert dreams came true with a dessert ‘charcuterie’ board.”

From the florists, Remi + Gold: “What’s not to love about a tabletop filled to the brim with flowers and fruit! There’s a way to tastefully make citrus tones work in any season. One of the most important decisions brides and grooms who care about cohesive design can make is choosing a wedding planner who also brings a design eye to the table! Finding unexpected ways to incorporate your personality is a tricky thing, and a well versed wedding designer knows how to bring that out.”

What to Pack in your Emergency Wedding Day Kit

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Your wedding day is finally here, and we know as a bride, there are a million emotions running through your head. The last thing you need is a wedding malfunction. We like to think of an emergency wedding day kit as insurance. It’s got you covered. We have collected a variety of 10 essential items for your emergency bridal kit to help your special day go off without a hitch. The great thing about these items is they are not only perfect for the bride, but they can also be used among the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and of course, the groom! All of these products can be purchased through our customized Amazon shop under the Day of Wedding Essentials! Grab a cute bag and get ready to take notes! Brides, we’ve got you covered!

What to Pack in your Emergency Wedding Day Kit1. OPI Nail Polish | 2. Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen | 3. Clear Umbrella | 4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker | 5. Handheld Steamer | 6. Bride Tote | 7. Bride Robe | 8. Makeup Blotting Papers | 9. Survival Sewing Kit | 10. Double Sided Body Tape | 11. High Heel Cushion Inserts | 12. Simply Mints | 13. 10ft iPhone Charging Cord

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The first bridal essential is of course a robe so you will not only feel comfortable but also cute. Selecting the perfect robe is a fun activity for the bride to coordinate with her bridesmaids. Plus we know your getting-ready-photos will be something to cherish in remember. This white, silk robe from Victoria’s Secret is adorable for any bride. With its tie closure, embellished design, and smooth fabric, it would make any bride feel like a princess. Also, a robe is essential to wear when getting ready to avoid messing up freshly done hair and makeup.

Fashion Tape

If you have never used fashion tape before, we urge you to run not walk to get your hands on this miracle product. If your dress is low cut or wearing a bra isn’t an option, this tape is the answer to keeping everything in place. Hollywood Fashion Tape is the best tape on the market due to its double-sided capability, it can be reused for multiple occasions, its flexible material can be shaped to fit any dress style, and most importantly, it won’t ruin your dress by leaving a sticky residue behind. To use, you simply peel the backing and stick onto the desired area. We love how this product is hypoallergenic too, and you truly can’t beat the price!

Heel Inserts

Every girl knows how painful wearing heels is and there is a strong possibility your heels with lead to a blister outbreak. Don’t worry because we have the perfect solution! These heel cushion inserts are a girl’s dream come true. You simply slip them into the back of your heels to prevent rubbing which leads to blisters. We love these ones because their high-quality adhesive sticks them into place with no budging allowed. Also, they are washable to allow for future use. Want to hear the most exciting feature? These inserts can also be used for stilettos that may be a little big and in need of a snugger fit.

Sewing Kit

We can’t stress enough how important a portable sewing kit is to pack in your wedding survival kit! There is always a chance for a button to fall off, a veil to snag or a hem that needs shortening. Whatever the crisis may be, having this will keep all your bases covered. We recommend this miniature sewing kit to meet all your seamstress needs. This one comes with mini scissors, fabric glue, tape measure, marking pencils, needles, tacks and of course, thread. A good rule of thumb is to bring spools of thread that match your dress, bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits. Choosing a similar color allows quick fixes that aren’t noticeable and are great in a pinch!

Stain Remover

Nobody is perfect, and spills are bound to happen. Stains can ruin the day if you aren’t prepared and equipped with the right tools. This Tide-To-Go Stain Remover pen is a bride’s secret weapon. Simply blot the stain with a damp towel and then carefully take the pen over the stain. Don’t forget to wipe the excess off because too much product can lead to a nasty ring on the fabric. The great thing about this product is it’s super portable and can easily be carried to the reception as well in a clutch or jacket pocket!


This may seem like it’s self-explanatory, but we don’t want any bride to forget mints on her big day! These breath warriors by Simply Mints are perfect to throw into your bag and pop in your mouth as needed. Also, these mints are made with natural ingredients like peppermint oil and sugar cane to keep your mouth healthy and refreshed. We want to be your first kiss as a married couple to be remembered and not feared because of the potential of bad breath!

Mini Steamer

We know the worst wedding disaster would be putting on your dress to discover a wrinkled mess or your bridesmaids’s dresses looking like bunched up tissue paper! Don’t fret because this portable steamer is your saving grace! With its three-in-one capability, this steamer can flat steam, vertical steam and iron from the push of a button. It comes with a portable measuring cup to use for quick refills, and its sleek anti-drip design removes all worries of water marks being left behind. Finally, our favorite feature is the low mode, where you can safely steam delicate fabrics and perform quick touch-ups! It can’t get much better than this!

Extra Long Charger Cord

Your wedding day can be hectic and being a bride can be a hectic job. On the big day, you are going to be using your phone for so many things from taking pictures to coordinating with caterers, writing your vows, to calling loved ones. All in all, there is a good chance your phone is going to need a charge up. This LED Charging Cable is designed for a bride. Its ten-foot-long cord is perfect for a bride to use while getting ready. Also, this charger rapidly juices up your phone so you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone plugged in all day! Get charging!

Portable Speaker

Music is the perfect way to get the bridal party excited for the big day. Dance parties are essential and the best part. If you are wanting to incorporate some fun music while everyone is getting ready, this portable speaker is the way to go. Its miniature size is great for travel and its waterproof so nobody has to worry about spills! It can also be used in the shower too! To use, simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth and music will be played through the two speakers on the front and back of the device! This speaker is easy to use and oh-so-fun!


Although a bride wishes she could control the weather, she can’t. That is why bringing an umbrella on your big day is essential! This umbrella has a sleek clear design with a plastic canopy to ensure no makeup or hair gets ruined in an unexpected rainstorm. Umbrellas are great for sunny days too and using as a prop for pictures. This shield is truly a two-in-one product! The rain may try to push you away, but with this umbrella, no rain can stop your wedding day!

Nail Polish

Chipped nails are never a cute look and definitely something you won’t want to have to look at in your wedding photos! Slip a bottle of nail polish that matches your fingernails and toes for quick touch-ups on the go! Our favorite is this OPI Nail Polish in Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. The color not only has a cute name, but it’s a pretty pink too!

Blotting Papers

After dancing the night away you may need a quick touch up! These makeup blotting papers are perfect for eliminating oiliness. The silk textured sheets are made from natural hemp so they absorb oil well and don’t irritate the skin. A win in our books! These sheets come in a pack of four so they are great to hand out to your bridal party and guests too!

Bride Tote

Trust us, we wouldn’t forget to share a great idea on where to store all your secret weapons. This bridal tote is great for storing everything you need. It is large enough in size to hold a whole bunch and the brown leather straps give it a cute touch! Also, the gold sparkly bride embossed on the bag is so adorable, too, and no one will be mistaking the tote as their own! It’s a must for a bride!

See our full guide to your emergency wedding day kit here!

Love Prevails: Celebrating Weddings During a Season Unlike Any Other

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The times may be unprecedented, but despite the chaos and uncertainty, we’ve learned that nothing… not even a pandemic can prevent love from prevailing. When it became apparent that our world almost overnight was drastically changing, no one had the answers on if and when we could expect to resume our normal lives. Those with weddings on the immediate horizon were some of the hardest hit with the news and faced with some of the most difficult decisions to make. For an unknown period, ceremonies and celebratory gatherings were postponed. For couples planning, it was heartbreaking, and our hearts broke for them. It didn’t seem fair for uncontrollable forces to alter such significant plans. And for so many, it didn’t! Love prevails and couples carried on with making their marriage official with more than a meaningful Plan B. Here are just some of their heartfelt stories.

love prevails corona edition

Adriane + Wade

Due to COVID-19, most everything we had originally planned was out the window. Unfortunately, the wedding we had intended to have at Camp Lucy had to be cancelled less than a week before our wedding day, which didn’t leave us much time for planning. Thankfully, our vendors were extremely accommodating and agreed to meet us in New Braunfels. Due to COVID-19, I had two bridesmaids and Wade had one groomsman. His niece and nephew, along with my sister, were readers. We will be forever grateful for our Rector, Ripp Hardaway and St. John’s Church for allowing us to have our intimate ceremony in their beautiful church. We had our first dance in our living room and enjoyed a delicious meal catered from McAdoo’s. Next, we toasted for our first time as husband and wife and then cut our cake. We spent the rest of the night with our family; laughing, sharing stories and enjoying our first night as husband and wife! Our favorite wedding day memory was the intimacy of the wedding and being surrounded by our immediate families. Although it was not our original plan and we look forward to celebrating with all of our family and friends, it was a very special day that we will cherish forever

Photo: Mint Photography // Additional Featured Vendors: Brickhouse Bridal, Lotus Events

love prevails corona edition

Bethany + Blake

Our wedding day was seamless and magical. We had originally planned a huge 200 person wedding for September, but had decided to cancel due to COVID-19. Soon after we canceled our big wedding, I saw an Instagram ad for a central Texas intimate wedding giveaway. Blake and I created a parody song about COVID crashing our wedding for our entry video, and we won our entire wedding! Our guest list went from 200 people to 20, but we honestly loved having a very intimate wedding ceremony. We had everything we could have ever wanted at our wedding and more, just on a smaller, more intimate scale. Our best friends gave speeches, we did all the traditional dances, we cut the cake and we were able to talk to everyone there while still having time to enjoy our wedding! It was the most special thing, because not only was it the biggest day of our lives, it was also gifted to us by such an amazing team of people.

Photo: Carhart Photography // Additional Featured Vendors: Altstadt Brewery, Bella by Sara

love prevails corona edition

Erin + John

John and I were married in our front yard on the one-year anniversary of purchasing our dream home. The people who raised us, supported us and taught us how to love were hundreds, even thousands of miles away and working through their own personal trauma of living in a world that was suddenly so foreign. Ultimately, we came to realize that those people are ALWAYS with us, just as we are with them. Life is messy and chaotic even in the best of circumstances; but together, John and I can weather any storm and this was no different. We resolved to celebrate our love and be recognized as a family in our own right, so we opted to have a virtual wedding as we combined pre-recorded videos with a YouTube live stream ceremony and a Zoom reception. The original plan was out the window and the new plan included my brother’s pre-recorded officiant speech in Chicago, my godson pretending to walk down an aisle as our ring bearer in California, my nephews throwing flower petals, our parents giving us their blessings, family and friends sending us love, John and I’s first dance and even my favorite local celebrity, meteorologist Zack Shields of Good Day Austin, sent a video wishing us sunny days ahead.

Photo: Lacy Llana – SimplyLace Photography // Featured Vendors: Bouquets of Austin, Whim Hospitality

love prevails corona edition

Jordan + Brendan

At the beginning of April, my fiancé and I were faced with the same very difficult decision that many engaged couples at the time were faced with: should we postpone our wedding? We went back and forth for weeks trying to decide what the best solution was. Ultimately, we did not want to put our loved ones at risk and decided that with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it would be best to go ahead and postpone our wedding. As difficult as this decision was, we knew it was the right thing to do. That same day, we decided that since COVID-19 was forcing us to change our wedding plans, why not go ahead and get married with a small ceremony surrounded by our immediate family and close friends? We went down to the county clerk, obtained our marriage license, and proceeded to plan our small ceremony in two short weeks. The entire experience of having to reschedule our big wedding and planning an intimate ceremony made us realize that a lot of things we were originally worried about, ultimately were not important. What really matters is the love that we share, and that, despite all the chaos, we were able to become husband and wife. While our wedding wasn’t exactly what we had originally envisioned, it was the most special, wonderful day of our lives. We are so dang excited to spend the rest of our lives loving each other!

Photo: Emily Figurelli Photography // Additional Featured Vendors: Flora + Fauna, The Oasis on Lake Travis

love prevails corona edition

Lauren + Michael

I grew up in Austin, and with most of my family living in Texas, I thought I knew that it would be where I would eventually get married. As news of the pandemic started to gather momentum, suddenly our guest list began to dwindle. Due to age and comorbidities, all of Michael’s extended family had canceled. We got to thinking about the remainder of the guest list and the risks that we would pose to these loved ones as we, living in Charlottesville, Virginia, would inevitably have to pass through a major airport in order to reach Austin. Less than five days prior to our wedding date, we made the tough decision to call off our Austin wedding. I was absolutely devastated. Later that afternoon, Michael and I threw around the idea of finding a local officiant to still marry us on the day we originally planned. My dad is a private pilot, so fortunately he was able to fly himself, my mother, and my original bridal bouquet up to Virginia without passing through any major airports. It was a short ceremony, but it was beautiful and very ‘us.’

Photo: Annette Dusenbury // Featured Vendors: Flora Fetish

love prevails corona edition

Lihn + Kyle

Kyle and I are college sweethearts and have been together for six years. We had planned our dream wedding to be near the water at Horseshoe Bay Resort with 200 of our closest friends and family, but unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we had to postpone. I lost my dad to cancer not long after my engagement, so planning a wedding and trying to be excited for our big day wasn’t something that I was fully present for until the past couple of months. It truly devastated me knowing that the one day I was looking forward to, the one happy day I was going to have to make the year a little bit better, was going to have to be changed. The date aside, we needed to cut our guest list and our dream day wouldn’t look like what we had imagined it to. And for me, that was okay. At the end of the day, I’m marrying the love of my life and I don’t want to wait for that anymore — especially not another year. My dad always taught us that life’s too short and to always follow our hearts. With that in mind, I’m excited to be a wife and to begin the next chapter of our journey.

Photo: Honey Gem Creative

love prevails corona edition

Lyle + Josh

We were certainly torn on how to proceed as COVID-19 loomed and Texas was reopening. We decided we would move our larger reception to next year and keep things to family and close friends for this year. After some navigating, we decided to also move this year’s celebration to our family lake house, which is all outdoors. It was important to us for some snacks and champagne to be passed pre-ceremony as guests were arriving, and we were married under a large oak tree with the lake as the background. Our dog, Sonny, being part of the ceremony was always a top priority and his collar was one of our favorite things! My uncle officiated, which was unbelievably special. We laughed a lot, and we cried. It truly was the most special evening, and we were honored to have shared with family and friends.

Photo: Britni Dean Photography // Featured Vendors: Elsie Event Co., Sweet Treets Bakery, Whim Hospitality


See our full #coronawedding resource here, and let us know how your love prevailed here!