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The talented Austin wedding cake and dessert bakers that are showcased in this installment of our Meet the Mag Creatives blog have elevated baking to an art! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the local experts behind these eye-catching wedding cakes, mouth-watering sweet treats and creative confections guaranteed to please every palette. You’re sure to be delighted and inspired by the baking skills from these 10 amazing Austin vendors!

To get more than just a taste of the local talent, be sure to check out our 2018 Fall/Winter issue. You can get the full online version of the magazine or you can order your print copy here!

2tarts Bakery

Run by passionate foodie, Ashley, and bridal designer, April, 2tarts Bakery is a family-run business dedicated to feeding your body, mind and soul with only the best ingredients! The owners are deeply involved in the “slow food” movement and love to use farm-to-table ingredients. Such wholesome deliciousness!

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Meet the Mag Creatives - Austin Wedding Cake & Dessert Bakers

Glace Cakes

Daniela, owner of Glace Cakes, likes to say her cakes are “where art meets taste.” Each of her hand crafted, made-from-scratch cakes are exquisite works of art with attention to the finest of details. Daniela’s grandfather inspired her passion for baking, which is evident in each cake she creates!

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Gourdough’s Public House

If you’re a bride who would like to give your guests something completely unique, Gourdough’s is just the ticket! Whether it’s hot, made-to-order donuts served from their vintage airstream, a spectacularly styled donut wall, or a buffet station, a bride can be confident her guests won’t forget these “big as your face” sweet treats with all the fixins’! 

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Iced Cakes & Confections

Owner Elana uses only natural ingredients to ensure her cakes taste as great as they look. She’s trained under Certified Master Bakers in New York, learning from some of the most talented chefs in the world, and now has brought her talents to Austin to share with brides! Iced Cakes and Confections also specializes in ornate sugar flowers. How fun!

Penelope L’amore Photography | Premiere Select | The Flower Studio | W Austin

Maggie Louise Confections

Renowned for her talents in turning chocolate into art, Maggie Callahan of Maggie Louise Confections strives to bring haute couture designs to the world of chocolate. Her themed, decadently detailed chocolate boxes make the perfect gift for anyone, but especially brides-to-be, bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride and of course, grooms! No matter which design you desire, Maggie Louise Confections can bring your chocolate dreams to life.

Simon Lee Bakery

One word comes to mind when we see Simon Lee Bakery’s cakes: classic! With fresh twists on classic wedding cakes in shades of white, ivory and cream, your cake from Simon Lee Bakery is sure to stun your guests in the best possible way. With a penchant for gold, sparkles and shimmer, Simon Lee cakes are nothing short of spectacular.

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Sweet Treets Bakery

Because a party without a cake is just a meeting, right? That’s what Sweet Treats Bakery believes, and they live out their passion each day, delighting customers with personal, artisanal cakes and desserts. Sweet Treats Bakery can make your vision come to life, with incredibly realistic-looking grooms cakes and darling wedding cakes that are just as sweet on the inside as they are impressive on the outside!

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The Cupcake Bar

Providing catered dessert bars for epic events, The Cupcake Bar is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your wedding! Guests choose their own flavor, filling, icing and topping and each cupcake is made to order by “cupcake bartenders” right in front of their eyes! The Cupcake Bar offers a one-of-a-kind dessert experience for the non-traditional bride. After all, what could be better than a mini-cake made just the way you like it?

Kelly Rucker Photography

The Powder Sugar Room

More than just your typical bakery, the Powder Sugar Room is home to a designer and sugar artist who’s worked for celebrities and world-famous chefs. In owner Adrianna’s own words, her desserts are “sexy, confident and sometimes too pretty to eat!” We’ll take our chances on that last part, because these desserts look too scrumptious to pass up!

Elizabeth Denny Photography | Flor Amor | The Milestone – Georgetown

Tiny Pies

Family-owned and operated since 2011, Tiny Pies bakes their pies in small batches from scratch daily, and the taste speaks for itself! These tiny confections fit in the palm of your hand yet are BIG on taste, using only the highest-quality natural ingredients, of course. Owners Amanda and her mom, Kit love nothing more than putting a smile on your face with a pie that blends nostalgia and happy feelings all into one.

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