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5 Ways to Help Keep Your Wedding Guests Safe

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With vaccines rolling out and mandates being lifted, life may seem like it’s on its way back to – dare we say – normal? However, if you’re hosting a wedding anytime soon, precautions are still very necessary to help keep your wedding guests safe. Just no sense in taking a chance! Read on for five smart ways to celebrate safely and make sure your guests enjoy themselves while keeping risk factors as low as possible.

ways to keep wedding guests safe

Photo // Feather & Twine

1. Make Use of Outdoor + Open-Air Spaces

Taking your celebrations outside helps to keep air flow at a maximum and allows you to take advantage of tons of extra space for distancing. A win-win! If you haven’t considered a tented reception, we totally recommend looking into this option. From frame tents to structured tents to the whimsical sailcloth options, wedding tents have expanded in style, selection and more over the last decade. Tents allow your guests to have a constant source of fresh air and to spread out, even in the event of less-than-ideal weather.

If a tent isn’t an option, consider outdoor venues with usable lawn space to allow guests to move around safely.

2. Maintain Socially Distanced Seating Throughout the Day

This is where a seating chart becomes extra important. To help keep your wedding guests safe, you’ll want to carefully consider seating arrangements and make sure social distance is maintained throughout the day, from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner and beyond. Work with your venue and your planner to make sure tables of people who aren’t from the same household are far enough apart, consider a few different lounge areas with seating spaced a smart distance apart and consider a VIP seating section for certain parts of the day for those guests who may be more high-risk.

3. Don’t Skimp on Germ Protection

Take a stand against infection risk by making sure you have plenty of individual hand sanitizers, masks and mini wipe packets conveniently available for guests in as many places as possible. Anti-bacterial stations placed strategically throughout your venue are always smart, as are individual items placed at each guest’s seat. Take the opportunity to add a punch of pizazz to these items by having them made custom to match the branded elements of your wedding! Whether you have a monogram or a distinct color scheme for your wedding, small items like these are perfect places to carry your wedding theme even further.

4. Serve Meals Safely

Cocktail hour and mealtime are two parts of your day where you’ll want to be extra mindful of your guests’ safety. Your bartenders and caterers should still be taking all necessary precautions to serve food and drinks safely. We definitely recommend individual dining options for cocktail hour, like personal snack boxes, individually wrapped hors d’oeuvres or if you do go with a buffet option, making sure sneeze screens are in place and that minimal servers make contact with the food before it’s passed on to each guest. Single-serve is the name of the game!

5. Consider On-Site Testing

If you want to go the extra mile and do the absolute most to ensure the safety of your family in friends in attendance, consider on-site testing. You could have designated temperature takers wearing gloves and masks, using a quick-scan digital thermometer to monitor guests’ temperatures as they enter, or you can even go as far as to offer on-site rapid Covid tests for your guests! RightNow Laboratory is a testing company based in Texas that provides rapid Covid tests for couples and their wedding guests, with two different options for results available in as little as ten minutes with an antigen test, or a molecular test version with results available in 30 minutes.

Bonus: Invest in a Planner’s Expertise

Planning a wedding is overwhelming no matter when you’re getting married, but add in the stress of a lasting pandemic and you have quite a few extra issues you’ll need to think through. A professional wedding planner is trained and experienced to consider all possible situations and come up with solutions that make the most sense for you, your guests and your budget. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a planner’s expertise!

See our full Covid wedding guide here!

April Showers: What to Wear to your Upcoming Bridal Events

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We love this time of year and know from personal experience that it’s a popular time for wedding showers! We thought we’d share some gorgeous looks featuring a few of our favorite fashion trends that are perfect for a spring shower (or any upcoming bridal events) for both the bride-to-be and her guests! Happy Spring Showers!


April Showers: What to Wear to your Upcoming Bridal Events1. Audrina Eyelet Mini Dress | 2. Gala Ready Ruffle Midi Dress | 3. All Is Love White Midi Dress | 4. Unending Love Cream Midi Dress | 5. Folklore Midi Dress | 6. Love Swept Midi Skater Dress | 7. Wonderful Whims Midi Dress | 8. Bouquet for You Midi Dress | 9. Briarwood Midi Dress

1. Bessie Baby Doll Dress | 2. Violet Mini Dress | 3. Front Ruffle Midi Dress | 4. Bonnie Smocked Midi Dress | 5. Tied With Love Dress | 6. Strolls with You Maxi Dress | 7. Embroidered Mini Dress | 8. Fresh Season Green Foral Print Tiered Mini Dress | 9. Frolic with Me Mustard Floral Print Maxi Dress

Shop our faves for all your upcoming bridal events via our, plus check out the rest of our shoppable posts for carefully curated bridal must-haves!

Why You Absolutely Need to Prep Your Skin Before Your Wedding

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We know wedding planning can be intense and even stressful at times, but there is one beauty step that absolutely every bride should avoid overlooking in the days leading up to your wedding. That step is skin prep, and trust us, it can make a whole world of difference.

Why You Absolutely Need to Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Skin Savvy Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center

Whether you are acne-prone or see clear skies ahead, your skin will benefit from a relaxing reset and your body will enjoy the still peace of slowing down for a few hours in the name of self-care. Additionally, it can assure your face is the perfect, smooth canvas for wedding makeup application, no matter if you’re doing your bridal beat yourself or hoping to optimize your look created by a beauty professional.

Some facial package options require you to begin treatment six months in advance for maximum results while others require at least three. Lucky for us though, local clinic Skin Savvy Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center have come out with the perfect solution for those wanting to treat themselves that can’t commit to recurring appointments – their new “Brides of Austin” Bridal Aesthetics Package! Located just 15 minutes from downtown Austin, it has never been more convenient to get your skin looking flawless. This package includes a Photofacial treatment that will address superficial pigment, sun damage, redness as well as stimulate collagen and elastin. Next, the Skin Savvy’s Signature Hydrafacial will be performed, which simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates and infuses the skin with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients and results in beautifully hydrated, resurfaced, glowing skin! Finally, a Botox treatment will get you looking refreshed and relaxed by targeting frown and forehead lines as well as give you a widely-beloved brow lift. Carefully designed to be completed in just one day and fit even the busiest schedules, Skin Savvy’s “Brides of Austin” package will have you glowing with radiance on your big day!

Book your appointment, see more details or explore even more of their bridal facial package options here and thank us later. Cheers!

Connect with local vendor Skin Savvy Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center here, or find a talented beauty professional here to style you on your wedding day. Cheers!

Glow Up | Take Our Beauty Personality Quiz

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Your personal sense of style is arguably one of your defining characteristics, and we think it affects everything you do! That’s why before getting too far into your wedding planning adventure, we think it’s important to determine that style and reference it from time to time. Explore your beauty personality with some of Austin and Hill Country’s most talented hair and makeup artists in this seriously fun and fashionable shoot captured by Mint Photography at The Woodbine Mansion. Take the beauty personality quiz below to find your style and see how your answers look below. Plus, simply click to shop each style’s look via our! Cheers!

What is your beauty personality?

Mostly A’s

Beauty Style Personality Quiz | Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

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From Sunny of Sunny Hair and Makeup Artistry: “For beautiful Neha, we didn’t need to do much, as she is such a natural beauty! We wanted to make sure that her skin was glowing and everything was just perfected without too much effort. For the eyes, we kept it simple using only two colors with a little pop of color to bring out her eyes, but not be overdone. The foundation was airbrushed with a light finish to just let her skin shine. A little bit of blush and some natural lip color is all she needed to keep that ultra-natural look, but still look gorgeous!”


Mostly B’s

Beauty Style Personality Quiz | Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood

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From Sierra of Think Brink Beauty: “When we think Old Hollywood Glam we immediately think glamorous curls and a bold lip! Our model was wearing a beautiful bright red dress so we paired it with lipstick that was a similar shade of red! We used NARS Air Matte Lip Color in the shade ‘Total Domination.’ To keep the look classic we like to pair a bold lip with a more subtle eye look. We used the Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has great neutral colors for a light and natural look like this or a bold smokey eye!”


Mostly C’s

Beauty Style Personality Quiz | Beach Bronzed

Beach Bronzed

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From Monica of Artistee Lane Makeup Studio: “Because the tone of our model was quite light, we chose to focus all the drama on the eyes. Leaning on our team favorite, Natasha Denona Bronze Palette was perfect for this look. We started by adding some warmth all over the eyelid with a medium mustard color. We then deepened both the outter and inner corners of the eye with a dark umber color, topping this spotlight eye off with a beautiful foil shimmer shadow in the center of the eye in a sunset golden color. We then warmed up the skin with a cream bronzer, wanting to keep the natural glow in the skin. To keep it fresh, we added a light layer of airbrush flawless finishing powder just in the areas we wanted to set like under the eyes, the chin and the forehead. Finishing this look with a nude lip and a wispy lash.

We had so much fun creating a perfect beachy bend to our model’s bob style haircut. We started with using our 1” flat iron to create a bend throughout. Adding in dry volume boost as we went. Keeping the hair fun and flowy, we added a light hair spray all over. We then finished the look by swiping her bangs to the side really drawing attention to the center of her face.”


Mostly D’s

Beauty Style Personality Quiz | Modern Maven

Modern Maven

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From Chassie of Crown of Glory Beauty: “This look was SO fun to create. The dress is what really set the tone for this whole look. The dress itself was a fun modern take on the traditional ‘little black dress.’ The over-the-top sleeves were such a simple but big statement, so I thought Belle’s hair should be the same. A huge oversized but still very chic bun was the perfect complement to this gown. Plus, her shoulders/collarbone are absolutely beautiful, and an updo would be the perfect way to show them off. Makeup was no different – we wanted things to be simple, but still a bold statement. We went with an almost ‘naked’ skin feel. Lots of highlighter on her cheeks and very minimal on the eyes so that her bold lips would pop. We wanted a deep red for her lips, which I think was so stunning on her fair complexion. Seeing Belle strut her stuff all dolled up was such a reward. She was beautiful inside and out.”


Mostly E’s

Beauty Personality Quiz | Glam Goddess

Glam Goddess

Shop the dress & accessories on

From Leticia Tapia, makeup artist for Jose Luis Salon: “The model was amazingly beautiful! I used a combination of gold, copper and brown eyeshadows to create a smoky, romantic feel. I paired it with a soft neutral lip to make sure it wouldn’t overtake the eye. I finished with a bit of highlighter and some contour to accentuate our beautiful look.”

From Sarah Contey, hair stylist for Jose Luis Salon“Our model was gorgeous! I prepped her hair with Sebastian Trilliant and used the GHD Platinum+ styler to achieve effortless-looking waves. I alternated the direction I turned the styler to create texture and movement, while still maintaining a polished look. A little tease at the crown with a layer of hair spray and she was done!”

Find even more inspiration in our upscale editorials here, or browse through our styled shoots here and have fun daydreaming. Cheers!

How to Get Your Friends Involved in the Wedding Planning

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Navigating the wedding planning process can be extremely overwhelming for any bride, but starting while you’re still in college can add an extra layer of challenges. One exciting aspect of wedding planning while in college is the ability to have friends around to support you. We have collected some tips to help lessen the burden of planning by getting your friends involved in the wedding planning. Read on!


Photo // Caroline Lima Photography

Thank Your Friends in Advance

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is picking your bridal party. When deciding who to round up in your girl squad, remember that your wedding is a time when you can be selfish. Choosing the friends who support and encourage you will ensure that the journey to your big day is a delight! Since your bridesmaids will be helping you prepare throughout your engagement, giving them an intentional present when you ask them is a great way to thank them in advance. One fun idea is to find out their love language and surprise them with a corresponding gift. Examples might be giving a handwritten note to a friend who enjoys words of affirmation or hosting a trip to a local winery for a friend who loves quality time.

Create a Shared Pinterest Board

The season of engagement can go by so fast and Pinterest can serve as an easy way to keep memories from your wedding planning process. Pinterest now has an option to make categories under each board, this is a great way to get your bridesmaids (or other friends) involved in the planning. Each friend can make a collaborative board of what ideas they think you might enjoy. Getting opinions from your besties is an awesome way to discover new ideas. Bridesmaids can also reference the Brides of Austin Pinterest board for the latest trends.

Prefer Instagram Collections? Great! Start a group chat with your gals and ask your team to share their finds via DM. You can save your favorites to your own Collections on Instagram and reference your “saved”s as you go.

Plan Time as a Group

For many students, college equals extreme busyness, which makes finding time to plan with your girls difficult. One way to combat this is by setting aside a whole day to dedicate to all things wedding. Set up an appointment with a couple wedding dress boutiques or grab lunch and brainstorm bridal shower ideas. Ask your maid of honor or other close friends to join you on a day trip. You don’t even have to travel far; just by setting aside time to be together, you are able to make wedding planning what it should – fun, rather than stressful.

Use Your Network

One of the most exciting parts of college is connecting with different people. The wedding planning process is an amazing time to utilize the relationships you’ve formed over your college years. By asking if anyone in your bridal party has connections to wedding vendors, you may be able to incorporate creative businesses into your big day. Remember there’s no harm in asking, and Brides of Austin will always have recommendations for you with our amazing list of preferred local vendors.

Make it Fun

The best way to get your girlfriends involved is by making each planning meeting or activity fun. Hosting an invitation stuffing party? Bring a couple bottles of champagne and some snacks to nosh while you get the assembly line going. Visit our Spotify channel to get some activity appropriate jams going (we highly suggest the GRL PWR playlist for a girls’ night in). Have competitive friends? Make it a contest to see who can address the most invitations by the end of the night – with a prize for the winner, of course!

Just getting started on the wedding planning? Become an insider and sign up for our monthly wedding planning checklist – delivered straight to your inbox monthly – here!